Example sentences of "[modal v] probably " in BNC.

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1 The Alfonsín government elected in Argentina in late 1983 woúld probably also be included in this category , as would the recently elected ( 1984 ) administration in Uruguay ( president Julio Maria Sanguinetti called for expanded economic relations with the USSR shortly before his inauguration ) and the APRA government led by Alán Garcia in Peru which , since its election victory in May 1985 , has taken an active role in the Non-Aligned Movement , vying for the leadership and backing its challenge with moves to extend diplomatic recognition to the Palestine Liberation Organisation ; ( iii ) capitalist , ‘ liberal-bourgeois ’ governments that are oriented towards Washington , for example , Venezuela , Peru under Belaúnde , Colombia ( before 1982 ) , Costa Rica and Jamaica ; ( iv ) ‘ right-wing ’ , ‘ reactionary ’ military dictatorships generally not liked , but supported by the United States .
2 Phil joined the Palace in February 1984 for a modest £10,000 fee from Aylesbury Town , but he soon established himself as a valuable member of our League side , playing either on the left of midfield or up front as a striker , and he must probably be reckoned to be the best signing made for our club by manager Alan Mullery .
3 Strictly this implies a precision greater than is reasonable and should probably be read as 4.0 gauss/ampere or 400 gamma/mA ( one gauss = 100 000 gamma ) .
4 He believes there must be a conference , and that it should probably include the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council .
5 ( 1.65 m ) should probably be somewhere around 8 st 13 lb.
6 One of the crew , having his wits about him , joked that whatever was in the boxes should probably be fired into Iran , not sent ; the project officer thought he might well be right .
7 Yes , he should probably call her — later , around breakfast time in Rostov .
8 Rather than concentrating almost exclusively on the training of direct service practitioners , they should probably be devoting more resources to training professional personnel who will function in indirect service roles , directing , co-ordinating and supervising the work of paraprofessional personnel and providing appropriate in-service training for them .
9 Had circumstances been different , I should probably have travelled in Europe during my university days .
10 It should probably read , ‘ except the architect supervise the building of the house , etc . ’
11 Children are more susceptible to caffeine than adults and should probably not drink more than one or two colas a day .
12 The five-part Mass Fera Pessima — as its mutilated manuscript superscription should probably be read , though certain scholars have tried to dub it A Pessinuntia ( on account of its saturation in the dark Phrygian mode ) or even A Pestilentia ( speculatively linking it with an outbreak of plague in Stirling , where Carver might , or then again might not , have been living , in the 1940s ) — seems freely based on a plainsong of the Sarum rite derived from Chapter 37 of the Book of Genesis : ‘ Jacob … rent his garments . …
13 A basic storage cupboard should probably contain :
14 However , if due allowance is given for the provision of free or low-cost ground tuition provided in the UK , the range should probably be increased by about £5 per hour to £53–£66 per hour , which covers about two-thirds of those establishments included in the analysis .
15 Of course , in that I should probably fail .
16 I should probably update one of these days because I know there are all kinds of new things that have come out — especially things that are smaller but which sound really good .
17 If counsel so advises , any appeal should probably be heard before the Special Commissioners rather than the General Commissioners .
18 ‘ I thought I should probably be persona non grata . ’
19 Words like coward , stupid or effeminate should probably never be used unless the client has used that very word himself .
20 The immediate aim , especially for the average and more able pupils , should probably be to take what is done to a greater length than to introduce content that is new .
21 It was this option which was chosen , and it was suggested that closure should probably take place when the combined population of the two hospitals dipped below the 1,000 mark .
22 The many Unix VAR 's and resellers should probably be more concerned with the loss of a stable , independent source for Unix than with an imaginary NT monster .
23 In a paragraph entitled New Opportunities , Harley warns , ‘ The many Unix VAR 's and resellers should probably be more concerned with the loss of a stable , independent source for Unix than an imaginary NT monster ( and ) it would be prudent for those Unix vendors who have not already made the switch to take a strong look at OSF . ’
24 In my view the Tate should probably divide into two separate entities , one for British art and one for Modern art , although I presume that certain British artists would be present in both collections .
25 In fact , the set should probably be called ‘ The Vocal Prime of Lotte Lehmann ’ .
26 The ratio should probably be retained making a Life Governor £500 .
27 Among his colleagues there was his feoffee John Hoton of Tudhoe , who should probably also be numbered among Gloucester 's Durham associates .
28 On the contrary , ducal influence in East Anglia should probably be seen as another component of this influential court connection .
29 But rather than seeing Gloucester as a weak independent power eclipsed by a strong court connection , one should probably , as in East Anglia , think of him as part of that connection .
30 It was only the circumstances of the minority which brought them into conflict , and even then the rivalry should probably not be seen as inevitable .
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