Example sentences of "[modal v] hand " in BNC.

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1 What is puzzling is why the United States should hand such a diplomatic prize to China at a time when the original strategic basis of the friendship , mutual hostility to the Soviet Union , seems more tenuous than ever .
2 It 's a manifestation of the marvellous relationship you had with your husband and that 's something you should hand on to dearly .
3 Every student should hand in his assignment by Tuesday .
4 You should hand in your assignments by Tuesday .
5 Every student should hand in their assignment by Tuesday .
6 Every student should hand in his or her assignment by Tuesday .
7 All the land to build those homes on , they was given the land for that re recreation ground , and I believe they should hand that back to the parish and the people .
8 We must sit back and say how awful everything is , blame the Government and say that they should hand out more money to the regions to assist them .
9 ‘ You think I should hand all my work to your goddaughter , but I 'm not so sure .
10 Anyone finding this equipment should hand it in to police .
11 Anyone finding the equipment should hand it to police .
12 Darlington police said anyone finding the bag should hand it in at the police station on St Cuthbert 's Way .
13 Before each round of a team match the team 's representative must hand in a list of competitors to the area scorekeeper , specifying the order in which they will compete .
14 A student 's life is ruled by the clock : there 's a time to be up and about if you want breakfast ; a time to be in college for a lecture or tutorial ; a time by which you must hand in an essay or project report ; a time to study and a time to relax .
15 But as the Olympic flame died last night , there was every sign that David Coleman might hand on the BBC baton .
16 It was the kind of loose description a teacher might hand out to a class of pupils and ask for drawings based on its inspiration .
17 Sometimes when I , I write a poem I want to create a particular mood erm giving the piece erm a shape , a , a definite shape or just a shadowy shape erm and the overcoat in er Bon Jour Monsieur Gaugin , I found very , very expressive and the starting point for , for this particular poem I 'll hand this round to you know , with the name of the , the front , right I do n't , has anybody , if you already know this picture , does anybody actually know it already ? , no I start with the overcoat obviously erm very expressive , not just because it was , people wear over , overcoats in cold days , but it was the size of the coat and the shape of it and , and it gave me a weight , I felt , er I felt a very definite mood erm about this picture because of the coat and it was a , er a ejective mood that I , that I felt from that , and the stick in the erm hands of the women over the bridge gave me the sound for , for this poem would you like me to read as the , the thing being passed around , would that be ok ?
18 We 'll hand out some paper this is not to make one of these long lists or anything , it 's basically to help you to make some notes if you wi , require to do so .
19 Erm I 've got an information pack here which I 'll hand out at the end of the session and it 's got sort of four fairly erm useful leaflets in it .
20 Give it to me and I 'll hand out the stuff .
21 So some time , you know , during the interval or at the end if you could er give them to Heather and then she 'll hand them on to me afterwards .
22 Er we 're going to take questions at the end er the camera there is for internal use only and at the end we 'll hand out copies of the slides to anyone who wants them .
23 His idea is that you can vote if if the voter in your constit if a person you vote for in your own constituency loses , you can then switch your vote to anyone else in the country and erm you can have a list of maybe ten or twenty people and erm you will so you 'll hand in your ballot paper with all these names on , signed ballot paper because it has to be public you can hand in your signed ballot paper with all these names on and if your own candidate loses , then er your vote goes to your second person and if that person loses it goes to the third and so on .
24 Altogether then er , an encouraging set of results and I 'll hand you over to Frank to take us through them in more detail .
25 With that I 'll hand you back to Michael .
26 Yes it is and I 'll hand it to Frank .
27 But then , I 'll hand it to Guy — he 's mega -successful at getting what he wants when he wants it ? ’
28 Simon Greater the other try scorer , I 'll hand you over to him now .
29 Then , when the special symbol arrives , it could hand back the resolved logical form with the highest score .
30 Knowing what the Bushmen knew then — that the NEA was unpopular with conservative legislators and already the target of fundamentalist Christians for subsidising offensive art — they can hardly have seen this as a plum they could hand to a big contributor or a rising political star or , indeed , to anybody aiming to leave town alive .
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