Example sentences of "[be] talking " in BNC.

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1 Show me what you 're talking about ?
2 You show me what you 're talking about .
3 We 're talking about how you 're going to survive and it 's as basic as that . ’
4 You 're talking shit .
5 And she says , ‘ Come off it , my man , who d' you think you 're talking to , a mere jumped up commoner princess . ’
6 ‘ But it 's not Kinnock ; it 's Mr Gorbachev ; the world has come on to our ground and I find that a source of strength , because at least we know that we 're talking about the capitalist system . ’
7 ‘ So we 're talking about the next century . ’
8 I do n't think these guys know what they 're talking about .
9 This was because there are so many old Spanish customs within the company and rigidities of thinking which take a hell of a lot of changing when you 're talking about people .
10 The one you 're talking to is all tolerance and forbearance .
11 Chief Inspector , you 're talking as if everyone in that car is now dead .
12 I do n't understand why they 're talking about Mrs Seaton .
13 We 're not talking art here , we 're talking memories .
14 ‘ Is it O'Gorman you 're talking about ?
15 ‘ You 're talking about a world that seems light years from here .
16 The original meaning , as defined by Collins , has certainly taken a mean whipping before re-release into this streetwise prose but we 're talking the same thing here , are n't we ?
17 And for a moment you do n't know whether they 're talking about this strange bodily posture or running a club .
18 It is not necessary to go to the lengths of the British Airways new Four Corners shops , where the travel element can hardly be distinguished through an Ali Baba 's cave of irrelevant merchandise , but only to set up efficient systems run by people who know what they 're talking about and who can make time to understand what their travellers want , like Trailfinders with their honest bucket-shop approach , or the STA chain with its expertise in student travel .
19 I think we 're talking about anorexia here , are n't we ?
20 ‘ I 've got an old pal of yours in here — David Bowie ’ , he said , ‘ we 're talking about making an album but he 's got this song which I do n't like at all , but you might care for it .
21 ‘ Brian , ’ Mr Sherwood calls , ‘ they 're talking to you . ’
22 ‘ And while we 're talking of friends , ’ said his Mum , sitting down beside him with her tea .
23 ‘ They 're talking . ’
24 This is your oxygen we 're talking about .
25 But then , in a way , you 're talking about a family reunion …
26 The trip is taking its toll on Monie , but nevertheless we 're talking .
27 ‘ That 's a girl of flesh and blood you 're talking about .
28 These guys are nudging each other , they go up to her , the music changes , and they 're talking to her , and she says no or whatever , and then the last guy walks up to her , the woman turns round , and she 's been replaced by someone wearing the same dress but she 's really fat .
29 So you 're talking about setting up giant screens and elaborate video and sound systems .
30 ‘ We 're talking about Angela Brickell and Harry , ’ I pointed out mildly .
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