Example sentences of "[conj] gave " in BNC.

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1 Though sometimes , the gentlemen chucked her beneath the chin absently , or gave her a sixpence , and one , even , pushed her for a whole quarter-hour on the swing .
2 People did broadcasts , and if they wrote books , or gave talks on books , these books were all to be found in the BBC Library , along with a fine technical collection and an unrivalled political section , dating back to the days when Guy Burgess ran their first Parliamentary programmes .
3 During the period 1974–81 , the Yugoslav banks borrowed , or gave guarantees for , a very large foreign debt , mainly expressed in dollars .
4 They did not understand , or gave no thought to , the ethnic , national and ideological conflicts that their arrangements would create within Germany , nor the internal and external targets Germany would come to identify as the causes of its misfortune .
5 He then scattered it on pub floors or gave it to friends to buy drugs .
6 Evidence was relevant if it was in some way logically connected with the matters in dispute or if it was consistent with , or inconsistent with , or gave rise to a logical inference from , the facts in issue .
7 If laboratory tests for HIV were not performed or gave indeterminate results , any of the conditions in the list below would indicate AIDS if it was diagnosed by a definitive method and the patient had none of the other causes of immunodeficiency listed below that could explain the occurrence of the indicator disease :
8 Depending on how influential people were , Mickey either nodded at them or gave them a hearty greeting .
9 More than one-third of the economists either refused to answer the question regarding what is fair , or gave very complex , uncodable responses .
10 As they pointed out , studies where children appeared to treat less as ‘ more ’ gave the two terms in separate sessions on different days ( Donaldson and Balfour , 1968 ) , or in different blocks ( Palermo , 1973 ) , or gave only one term , less , in all the questions ( Palermo , 1974 ) .
11 Initially agriculture production was organized by the Supplies Teams of the military camp , which either directly controlled land and , organized production teams or gave seeds and fertilizers to campesino families to work their own plots .
12 The mathematical names for the sphere and cuboid were not well known : a high proportion instead provided the name of the face of the cuboid , or gave " circle " for " sphere ( Table 4.15 ) .
13 rejected the allegation that the wife 's agreement to the opening of the account had been procured by undue influence on the part of her husband , but dealt with ‘ the suggestion that the bank are disentitled to enforce the mandate because they sent or gave the document to Mr. Shephard and did not themselves obtain the defendant 's signature ’ by holding [ 1988 ] 3 All E.R.
14 They take out anything that can identify you or me erm if you know if I said sort of George or gave an address or a phone number they that would be chopped out .
15 ‘ But if you made a bad decision , or gave the wrong judgement against someone in a dispute , then some of your people might suffer . ’
16 He is thinking that Beuno had lived here all his life and no one Sought of things for him to do , or gave parties for him before .
17 Or gave herself to me .
18 Tug skippers , who had never before acknowledged the presence of the moored barges , called out , or gave the danger signal — live rapid blasts in succession .
19 This , I should stress , was a successful conversation — and the example could of course be extended , to include the times when we talked simultaneously , or interrupted each other , or gave multiple answers to the same question , as well as the times when there was unintelligibility , resulting from two of the four participants talking with their mouth full — but I leave all these to your imagination .
20 Both Societies would like to express their thanks to the many people who loaned exhibits or gave their time helping to organise the events and providing refreshments .
21 ‘ He saw commercial reps and talked to customers but he always called me in before he put in an order or gave an estimate . ’
22 Not infrequently , however , respondents said ‘ yes ’ to both questions or gave answers to question 2 which clearly contradicted their answer to question 1 , giving rise to problems of interpretation .
23 They readily accepted the challenge of the Initiative by seconding senior staff to the Scottish Council or gave generous and substantial in-kind assistance to the project .
24 ( 3 ) A notice under this subsection shall give such information identifying or assisting in the identification of the person who committed the act or default or gave the information as is in the possession of the person serving the notice at the time he serves it .
25 With the outbreak of war the ILP put itself in opposition to the trade-union leaders by its refusal to support the war and by its criticism of those Labour Party members who either joined the government after 1916 or gave it their loyal parliamentary support .
26 Others smiled , or gave the thumbs-up sign as they drove away .
27 She gave me an extra pillow , kept me supplied with boiling bottles , brought me Vichy , and my meals on a little round table , actually produced a bottle of alcool camphre & frictioned me & gave me some lime flower tea before I went to sleep .
28 On two days , since the sun had abandoned the East , we fled to the West Coast ( Scotland is very narrow just there ) where is shone magnificently , & gave our egos a boost by some moderated , strenuous hill-climbing .
29 This was offensive to the Scots in the audience as was Tetley 's disregard for the purport of the poem by Blake that gave the ballet its title .
30 Those in the East End included a half-share in Chandler 's Wiltshire Brewery in the Hackney Road , Bethnal Green ( via the Lion brewery , Lambeth , the brewery that gave us the South Bank lion ) ; some of the pubs belonging to the Commercial Brewery Co in Commercial Road , Stepney , in 1927 ( the rest went to Hammerton 's brewery , Stockwell ) ; and West and Co , of the Three Crowns brewery , Hackney Road , Bethnal Green , with 60 pubs , in 1929 .
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