Example sentences of "[pron] happen " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I do n't get the same satisfaction just publishing ideas — I like to see them happening . ’
2 ‘ I do n't get the same satisfaction just publishing ideas — I like to see them happening . ’
3 He does n't wait for things to happen , he actually makes them happen , initiating positive action , or stops them happening ( preventing negative problems ) .
4 But perhaps a better title might be how to prevent things going wrong , on the argument you know that prevention is better than cure and rather than trying to put problems right which have already happened , it might be better to try to prevent them happening in the first place .
5 Nothing happening , you see .
6 So why is nothing happening to solve the crisis in dog control ?
7 And then we had the er the battledress was issued , the khaki , and erm we was had our head headquarters were started , the headquarters were started in an office at , one of the office rooms at the at the Bloxwich Lock and Stamping Company by the , the top offices we used to call them , by the gates , we had one of the rooms there for and it eventually became the armoury when we got some equipment because rifles etcetera was in very short supply after Dun Dunkirk So eventually we had a few rifles and er when the er we got a few rifles and er the sirens went it was the practice at the beginning when the sirens went in this area for everything to stop and everyone down the shelter but it happened four or five times , everybody realized how non-productive this was , that the time that was lost and there was nothing happening in this area so it was decided by the R T B that we , the , the people off the shop floor would n't stop work until the attack was really imminent or it had started because if this , this was happening all over the Midlands area and of course if you , if you multiply that by the number of people at work you can imagine how much production was lost erm and also when the sirens went Major at the factory used to get the chappies out from off the shop floor , get the few rifles we 'd got , take we in to King George 's playing fields there was a , a brook running across King George 's playing fields then , it had n't and a trench which was extended to stop er aircraft from landing in King George 's cos it was just a big open space .
8 The sounds of what was going on in the box were being relayed out into the laboratory where Gedanken was , but nothing happening in the laboratory was getting through to the beetles in the box .
9 It screwed me up thinking how the invalid 's hopes must have soared at the sound of my entry , and how she must now be falling into deeper and deeper misery because of the silence and the nothing happening .
10 and a couple of days with nothing happening I 'm saying , well , at least it 's started clearing up , but then
11 No there 's nothing happening .
12 I can feel loads of heat but there 's nothing happening
13 There 's nothing happening Raymond .
14 Nothing happening and then something happening , really pretty rapidly .
15 They have come to their agreement , they have done their job well , and they have produced and excellent education system and the blip which he is talking about is one which is forced on us at the present time by a Conservative Government , who has decided that there is going to be no further expansion in the school service which we 're providing , and indeed is imposing upon us cuts which are going to mean that we reduce those services , and to argue that from a point of view that it 's a considered piece of policy from a Government which if I has introduced , if I may say , Poll Tax , an economy which is a disaster area , exports in nothing happening there , inflation
16 ‘ I hope to God , ’ he quavered , ‘ somethin' happens that will divert you from the path you have chosen .
17 Normally during the day I keep it shut because that 's the place we like to keep clean , in case someone happens to come over and does n't want to be knee-deep in children .
18 ‘ And may I ask if she will be so delighted to see me because I happen to be a male member of the human race … ? ’
19 ‘ I do wish everyone would stop writing me off just because I happen to be fifty . ’
20 I happen to be the only person here who believes we have to make a response at the European level , ’ Mr Radice said .
21 I happen to know that there are many Toms in the Christian Church .
22 Now , I happen to think that Campbell 's idea is flawed because he wants to have his cake and eat it .
23 ‘ It 's a mug 's game and I happen to be very good at it .
24 People think if you 're small , you 're there to be downtrodden , and they have a stack of prejudices about all the other things that I happen to be .
25 This is despite the fact that there are such programmes as Mastermind , a sheepdog series ( with which I happen to be involved — I declare my interest ) and superb epics by the Natural History Unit .
26 I happen to believe they were right .
27 I happen to be embarking on a motoring trip during the course of which I hope to see many splendid views .
28 I happen to be the young man 's godfather .
29 At this point , someone might rightly argue : ‘ I happen to live on earth , and it is here that I want to have a happy marriage ! ’
30 I happen to have half a dozen , and there is one , just one , that I am allowing you the privilege of riding , because I think you are capable of coping with it .
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