Example sentences of "[prep] corner " in BNC.

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1 Nell ran wildly , careering out of the special unit down the corridor , charging around blindly , corner after corner .
2 If we can find a process that affects only one piece in a face , then the commutator of that process with that face gives a 3-cycle of a piece , or a pair of flips or a pair of corner twists , depending on whether the process moves , flips , or twists the piece .
3 Noting that [ F , R ] moves only one corner in the L face , and [ F , R ] 2 twists only one corner in the L face , we can obtain a 3-cycle of corners and a pair of corner twists .
4 At the same time it is able to identify the incorrect assemblies of corner contact , partial insertion or remoteness ( see Figure 2.16 ) .
5 And just as bad , even worse , in in terms of personal consequences , all the sort of corner shops in , particularly the the Asian off licences come grocers , were were I mean were were just looted .
6 Staunton Stores near Gloucester is one of thousands of corner shops nationwide which are lent a freezer by Walls .
7 Turn left and go alongside hedge on left side of the field and leave field by stile at far end ( near corner ) .
8 Havant , with five England men on duty , beat Barford Tigers , 5-2 but , after leading 3-0 , allowed the Midland League club to cut the deficit to 3-2 early in the second half with corner goals by Mohamed .
9 All of this was contained within long classical façades , with corner pavilions setting off all four sides .
10 ( c ) Quarters : the quarters which had also been framed in jigs , panelled up , moulded , glazed and painted with one coat outside , were then erected and secured in position with corner knees .
11 Situated on the Down platform , the accommodation consisted of four rooms including two waiting rooms with corner fireplaces and a booking office with an iron stove and pipe chimney while a wall clock , outside the booking office , faced the platform .
12 The irrigator is a Valmont Centre Pivot with corner system .
13 The steeply climbing road very soon affords views over Thun , dominated by the impressive , massive square keep with corner turrets of the castle built by the Zahringen Dukes from 1191 , with the Stockhorn mountain ( 2,190m , 7,183ft ) forming a backdrop across the wide valley .
14 These were generally of log structure , with corner joint method or timber framed with infilling of boards .
15 He was a regular at fashionable Glasgow nightclubs like ‘ La Ronde ’ in Sauchiehall Street but when the mood took him , which was most nights ending with a ‘ Y ’ , he would wander into corner pubs and hold court .
16 ( This can actually be done because the corner and edge pieces can be removed , leaving the centres attached together , and one can put only corner pieces into corner locations , etc . )
17 Electronic point of sale specialist Verifone UK has teamed up retail systems specialist Saunders Jeffries Ltd to try and get its technology into corner shops .
18 on to floor and it runs , it just , it ran down into corner , there 's a a wheel , thing , and the cheek well it 's a a pulley wheel , and it , it were looking round the big handle at pulley wheel at me .
19 I 'm surprised erm people round corner did n't buy her a blinking blow up doll doll without the wedding tackle .
20 You know , it 's only round corner in n it ?
21 They do n't go round corner either do they ?
22 Heavy footsteps crossed the ceiling from corner to corner , striding back and forth , to and fro in a familiar monotonous pattern .
23 My favourite tale , comes from Corner Pool , when Rob was fishing one cold March day : ‘ I was about to start at the top of the pool when I happened to spot a flicker of movement close to the north bank .
24 Paper chains , turquoise , acid yellow and flaming scarlet , were draped about the room from corner to corner and back and forth .
25 He went to the site of her cage , ant grasping its bars firmly in his talons he quietly watched her as she raced frantically from corner to far corner of her cage .
26 The top drape is made up from a 150 cm square of fabric cut across diagonally from corner to corner to make two triangular shapes .
27 They hung drying on short loops of black thread suspended from lengths of string stretched across the walls from corner to corner , and dim shadows turned slowly on the walls behind them .
28 A concrete example of this was the number of corners won and goals scored from corner opportunities by Leeds .
29 You can , you know I can I can get two balls to almost roll from corner to corner by doing
30 But this Alexandro , his house is er cracked from corner to cornerl
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