Example sentences of "[adj] days " in BNC.

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1 Later in the test on very wet days they performed well and gave good support and grip on grassy hillsides and rough stony paths .
2 Even on very wet days Moran seldom hung about the house .
3 On higher ground , the number of such wet days rises to over 220 days per year .
4 The combination of high precipitation , water surpluses , large number of wet days and low insolation experienced in highly oceanic areas is thought to increase the rate of growth and the competitive abilities of bryophytes , notably Sphagnum species , hypnoid mosses and Racomitrium ( Poore & McVean 1957 ) , all of which are very conspicuous in plant communities in the Western Isles .
5 West Atlantic bryophytes are particularly well represented in the upland plant communities of the Western Isles , a feature undoubtedly linked to the high number of wet days on the higher ground of southern Lewis , Harris and South Uist ( Ratcliffe 1968 ) .
6 One suggestion which spoke volumes , was for the erection of close-mesh wire fencing along the boundary hedges to stop balls going out of bounds , and another that a selection of books be provided in the clubhouse so that ‘ on the wet days there would be some occupation ’ .
7 You bought some bloody jogging shoes ( not just jogging shoes , with air-suspension heels , but shorts , two T-shirts , two pairs of running socks , a sweatshirt , a book on dieting and exercise , and a rowing machine/fitness centre for wet days costing £117.85 ) .
8 If he put down sheets of newspaper in the kitchen to keep the floor clean on wet days , one of his cats would back up to the far wall and then launch herself as fast as she could at the papers .
9 There is enough of interest in its arcaded streets , hill-top cathedral overlooking the estuary , and fish restaurants , to occupy your time on wet days .
10 Left and below : If you like the effect of gravel , but do n't want it sticking to your boots on wet days , lay ‘ stepping stones ’ or brick , paving , etc , in concrete at regular intervals .
11 The CB here would be ‘ dry bed ’ , but it is not necessary — as is often the case — to record this separately since all the necessary information is obtained by recording wet days .
12 On wet days at Great Casterton we took it in turns to lecture , and on one of them I offered to talk about the Fosse Way as a Roman military frontier , a subject which had intrigued me from my work at Lincoln .
13 Columbia Square was built on principles similar to the Thanksgiving and Peabody buildings ; but it did allow for a club room and a covered area where children might play on wet days , where Roberts had avoided communal amenities , questioning whether the working class would have time to enjoy them .
14 But then there were three wet days , when the rain came down , and it was very cold .
15 ‘ Another story touching on wet days : poor old Mrs Suggett told me it .
16 But if the farmer had agreed to insert the phrase ‘ Twenty Four Fine Days ’ in the contract instead of one month , the contract would operate on fine days only : on wet days the men would do their usual tasks about the farm , drawing their usual wage for those particular days .
17 The cellar , being a sort of tunnel between yard and house , would have made an excellent place to play in on wet days .
18 See those very wet days last week ?
19 The daily body rhythms are timed similarly in different individuals , and in the same individual on different days , with regular differences of only a few hours between the timing of , say , the body temperature rhythm in ‘ larks ’ and ‘ owls ’ , for example .
20 Here , in Tauentzienstrasse , where Isherwood lodged in different days , as the East Berliners queue for fruit and cheap stereos , a Turkish beggar sleeps in a doorway with a notice round his neck saying ‘ Hunger . ’
21 Nanny Fanny was also a Jewess , which caused a lot of bad feeling because Smallfry called herself a Catholic and so they believed in different pars of the Bible and were supposed to go to church on different days of the week .
22 So do I. To anyone capable of seeing beyond a county bank balance , it has been clear for a number of years that there is too much limited-overs cricket played by the counties and that the present mix of three and four-day Championship games is not only confusing , especially now that they start on different days of the week , but also unnecessarily exhausting for all involved .
23 What appears clean to one person will not necessarily appear clean to another and , even to the same person , an operation where standards are constant may present a different picture on different days .
24 In Imperial times , however , the custom became popular , under astrological influence , to use the seven-day week with the different days named after the respective ‘ planets ’ .
25 May Day is celebrated absurdly in different parts of Cosla 's domain on different days .
26 ‘ People are different on different days — they 've got their moods .
27 Collect your pension on different days of the week .
28 You can adjust according to when your supplier 's livefoods are delivered , and your available time on different days .
29 The sisters will be travelling back on different days .
30 Certain papers specialize in particular career areas on different days of the week .
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