Example sentences of "[verb] go " in BNC.

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1 I 'm glad he 's let go , cos it was starting to hurt , he was squeezing so tight .
2 There was also a walled kitchen garden , which had been let go to grass , and a large hole had been knocked into one of the walls to let the tractor in to mow it .
3 The Woman had let go of Tug 's shoulders as soon as the door opened .
4 Reluctantly I am let go .
5 If not , the suspect is to be let go , unless , once again , detention is ‘ necessary to secure or preserve evidence relating to an offence or to obtain such evidence by questioning ’ [ emphasis added ] .
6 Blaine says he was let go because he had found Vial in error on anatomical matters .
7 Between them they expressed the opposing feelings so often displayed by young children in the peak age of attachment : on the one hand , the protest and fury about being left — cries of rage — and then a sullen refusal to acknowledge and come to the mother ; on the other hand , the desperate yearning for the loved one and a need to cling and not let go .
8 Some relationships have to be let go in order that new ones can flourish .
9 Midnight had let go .
10 Of course it 's not actually coffin-shaped , but that 's how Tony Hicks of the Hollies , who used an original Phantom XII on a number of the band 's hits ( including Look Through Any Window and I Ca n't Let Go ) referred to the guitar when I spoke to him about his original guitar .
11 Far too valuable to be let go , it was resurrected by Edward I who acquired in 1280 the manor of Iham in Icklesham , a plateau overlooking the old site .
12 Then , just when we think we 've really let go , we realise that we do n't want our children making just any old choice .
13 I thought that was the prime directive of all evangelists : Do n't Let Go .
14 I got out , feeling alone and rootless now that he had let go of my hand .
15 Trees had carelessly let go great branches or had toppled down entirely , throwing their roots up into the air .
16 as if he had let go of oars and rudder and now drifted on the dark current of events .
17 He was flushed and happy and he had n't let go of her hand since they 'd sat down .
18 or some old clutching having been let go .
19 It was as if she had let go of a great burden .
20 Doris cuddled me on the way to the door but she must have let go for an instant ( perhaps I goosed her too eagerly ) because I went off on a run that would have taken me all the way downtown — further , to the Village , to Martina Twain — if the dessert trolley had n't been there to check my sprint .
21 ‘ You were one of several people who were probably going to be let go on my recommendation as part of a rationalisation programme , but the manner in which I caused it to happen …
22 She should never have let go — should never have cried so desperately in his arms .
23 His expression lightening a little once he had let go of her , he pulled a penny from his pocket , and said cheerfully , ‘ We 'll toss for white .
24 On the screen they had let go of the puerto Rican mass murderer 's trousers and he was on his way to the sidewalk , head first , at about seventy miles an hour .
25 If he had let go , he would have fallen about thirty feet on to a narrow ledge , where boxes had been placed to break his fall .
26 Letting go is part of everyone 's life and there have certainly been times when I have let go .
27 ’ Letting go is part of everyone 's life and there have certainly been times when I have let go ’ … ’
28 The policeman had not let go of the stranger .
29 ‘ When my noble and learned brother gives his Judgment , they 're to be let go free , ’ said Krook , winking at us again .
30 When I was left at school I was savage at not being let go home ; and when I went home , my mother did nothing but find fault with my schoolboy manners .
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