Example sentences of "[noun] all " in BNC.

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1 I 'll tell you — you 'll fall in love with my cooking all over again . "
2 He had a beard all over his chest and back , too .
3 Political reasons all too often prevail in questions of this kind , and Japan and Iceland are likely to imitate Norway .
4 How successfully the leopard has adapted to a wide range of habitat may be judged from the fact that there are twenty-four different subspecies all of which differ only slightly in colouring or body size and shape .
5 Overshadowing the town , a massive round-shouldered hill loomed , like Ayer 's Rock , Table Mountain and the Wrekin all rolled into one .
6 This one was very small with grey fur all over its body .
7 Johannsen was a true professional : ignoring the heat and noise all round him , he aimed his blaster and started to fire .
8 Whatever Spiderglass says they 're doing , these people can ‘ t all be responsible for stealing freighters .
9 No , no it 's not because B T all over the country is n't it
10 Will there be people of different ages all doing separate things or do you go in for family activities or both ?
11 MCI Communications Corp , the Washington-based phone company , won two contracts worth $30m all told to provide its Vnet voice service and HyperStream Frame Relay data service to the US Congress .
12 ( 3 ) The odd strophes have far more nouns and adjectives than the even ones ( 17 nouns as opposed to 6 , 10 adjectives as opposed to 1 ) ; the nouns in the odd strophes are all abstract , those in the even strophes all ( more or less ) concrete .
13 ‘ Was Mum all right ? ’ she asked , sitting down and taking off her shoes .
14 four children , me mum all round the bed waiting for the bugger
15 ‘ I have promised to take big fights all over the country and they come no bigger than a bout with a world title at stake , ’ Hearn said .
16 Hamnett , Galliano , Ozbek , Smith and Westwood all now show abroad .
17 For thirty shillings all found , accommodation was to be provided at Ambleside and Keswick , parties would climb Helvellyn and the Langdale Pikes , and visit ‘ the haunts of Wordsworth , Ruskin and the Lake Poets ’ .
18 What a growing part of agriculture all over the world had in common was subjection to the industrial world economy .
19 Since we know from other evidence that the warrior and mercantile classes of Europe were not being depleted in this period — on the contrary , were steadily rising — we can see here further evidence of the rise in population of this age , a rise all the more striking since it could continue and grow in strength even though so many men and women were following a life of celibacy .
20 say , Super Nintendo Se Super Nintendo 's a bit all right though .
21 There were dead birds all over the streets .
22 On this day in early June , the foliage was so lush , and the birds at this crucial young-rearing stage so wary that , although we could hear birds all around us , not a glimpse of a feather would we see — unless we followed the Warden 's advice , and skulked .
23 ‘ We 'd go to all these really swinging parties with all these naked birds all over the place , all covered in drugs , and then this geezer in an acrylic suit would walk in. ‘ 'E would n't talk to anyone .
24 Paul was singing to himself and asking questions of the type children tend to , such as why were n't the birds all blown away during the storm , and why did n't the sea fill up with water with the stream going so hard ?
25 ‘ We 'd go to all these really swinging parties with all these naked birds all over the place , all covered in drugs , and then this geezer in an acrylic suit would walk in. ‘ 'E would n't talk to anyone .
26 These workers have traditionally been the toughest and most radical , and employers all over America are aware that if Pittston can break the ‘ mother union ’ , then the attempts to gain the ground lost in the Reagan years will be stillborn .
27 ‘ She was my sister all right . ’
28 Vic could imagine him spreading the story all round the works .
29 It was the same story all over Bomber Command .
30 Tersteeg had finally told him venomously : ‘ You failed before and you 'll fail again — it 'll be the same story all over again . ’
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