Example sentences of "[adv] happened " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I knew that there was always the danger that I could lose my sight , but I really thought it only happened later in life , ’ says Philippa .
2 No , that only happened in films .
3 Meditation was something that only happened east of Suez and although imaging was something I did every time I wrote a book , play or did a drawing , I had not associated it with my cancer .
4 ‘ Not the usual kind of student 's flat , ’ muttered the Marshal , surprised to find his feet walking on fitted carpet , a thing that only happened to him in the lobbies of hotels he was checking on .
5 In the case of 44% , it only happened once ; for 29% it happened more than once with the same person ; for 19% there were three or more different people on separate occasions .
6 Death was something that only happened to other people — except there was the ragged hole that the shadow-voices had opened up in her and Zulei was tearing at it and there was death behind .
7 But that only happened sometimes and when it did she would take out her account book and force herself to concentrate on its columns till the dangerous exhilaration had gone .
8 She supposed it was magic , probably it only happened when you swung your head up in a certain way , she would test that tomorrow , and as she dropped asleep it lay alongside the tickets of paper with the numbers she had written , and the tar bubbles and the sun that made red horses and brown splotches when she closed her eyes .
9 Local DUP councillor Mervyn Carrick said the bombing only happened because of the Government 's ‘ ineffective security policy .
10 That only happened in fairy-tales .
11 Yeah , it only happened last week , Thursday
12 It literally happened as quickly as that — on the Monday I decided to finish it and on the Tuesday I packed my bags and left .
13 When you have a very small , very select , very ladylike grammar school , joined with two rough and ready secondary moderns what basically happened in my view is that when they joined together the grammar school staff , or most of them , could n't cope with the rough and ready aspect the school they came to have .
14 erm and as you 'll be able to see from my introduction make do and mend was n't something that suddenly happened in nineteen thirty nine there were sections of society in which make do and mend was a permanent and not not particularly erm welcome fact of life .
15 Then as his hand released her wrist and slid round against her back , drawing her even closer so that the warmth of him burned through her , something very strange suddenly happened inside her .
16 It suddenly happened out of thin air .
17 One reason is that nothing very much happened between October 1963 and October 1964 in terms of high policy .
18 It seemed to me that as much happened as I could bear … .
19 Come to think of it , not much happened to Anna from the time Simon left us till she died — fifteen years or nearly .
20 Though Sparkes was game for his first homosexual experience , his thick Yorkshire accent and humorous attitude to life left Minton undone with laughter and not very much happened .
21 So much happened so fast in the next few days .
22 For nearly a year , not much happened .
23 But so much happened , and it had slipped my mind until I realised your father and my mother must have known each other in the past .
24 It so happened that the novelist 's wife had a younger brother at this Academy who knew Ivanov .
25 It so happened that the UN Secretary-General , Perez de Cuellar , was himself a Peruvian .
26 ‘ It so happened that No 5 Air School was not far away from the mine where Churchill hid during the Boer War , ’ Clifford recalls .
27 It so happened , entirely by coincidence , that Coghill lent Lewis a copy of Williams 's novel The Place of the Lion at precisely this moment .
28 It so happened that Hugh was the man who had been producing Tony Newley and he said to me after listening to those tracks that this was the most exciting thing to come into his room since Tony Newley which I thought was quite amazing since , some time later , David was quite infatuated with the work of Newley .
29 It so happened that this entailed doubling back a considerable way of the route , but , so Mr Charles assures me , my father accepted the request as though it were a perfectly reasonable one , and in general , continued to behave with immaculate courtesy .
30 It just so happened that in Axelrod 's original tournament about half the entries were nice .
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