Example sentences of "[adv] hand " in BNC.

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1 She did the bending and the kneeling , and they worked together hand in glove .
2 Roger from Ramsey was driving , and a good enough hand with horses and wagons , but what chance did he have with the pair of them drawing on him ?
3 And , he was an old enough hand to know that nobody else in the room wanted to know the answer .
4 The fact that the car must be returned at the end of the hire term means that the range of adaptation is limited to those that can be easily attached and removed , eg hand controls , wheelchair hoists , rotating seats , etc .
5 but there again it 's only hand feed , you 've , you got to have a , a machine that can feed on to take this tubing
6 No you ca n't , you , you only have , you can only hand write .
7 merrily hand in hand ,
8 decorative mirror , with or without a frame , is the type you would normally hand on a bedroom or living room wall , or perhaps over a mantlepiece to reflect the room .
9 As befits such a highly desirable collection , each plate is individually hand numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity bearing the same number , thus establishing each plate 's place in the edition .
10 To complicate the issue , the American government may soon hand over responsibility for operating the weather craft to private industry instead ( New Scientist , 17 March , p 706 ) .
11 Be there when our enforcement officers finally hand Arni Sacknussen the writ for desertion and five years back payments for maintenance .
12 Only when the cells leave the zone do some begin to differentiate into cartilage ; and , as just stated , the cartilage elements are laid down in a proximo-distal sequence — first humerus , then radius and ulna , and only then wrist , and finally hand .
13 The seller may physically hand over the goods .
14 Right , what I want to do now is just hand out , before you press any other keys , sort of hand out some some sheets on er critical values .
15 Just hand over the jade , and I 'll get out of your life .
16 And then we can say the actual amount that we 're gon na collect is and just hand write it .
17 Leave a space and they just hand write it straight off the report .
18 For the inexperienced , it is advisable to pin and tack before permanently hand or machine stitching seams .
19 50 classical and contemporary patterns all exquisitely hand crafted .
20 The parchment was merely a list drawn up in a clerkly hand describing the effects and property of one ‘ Patrick Seton Esquire ’ .
21 The hasty note , the spluttering pen , the exasperated correction , the careful clerkly hand , the grandiloquent flourish , the obsequious subscription , the torn seal , the glint of sand still held in the writing from the hand that strewed it centuries ago — all these and much else bring me into close company with the past , more than the rooms in which men sat , the streets they walked , the clothes they wore or the trinkets that adorned them .
22 In the early years they manufactured and supplied both hand and machine knitting yarns in natural fibres , principally wool and mohair .
23 In fact there are very few truly traditional patterns but that does not stop the dedicated knitter , both hand and machine , from inventing new patterns that blend into today 's Aran style garments .
24 I 've had great fun and great service from the package and used it for designing several garments for both hand and machine knitting .
25 The results are pleasing to both hand and eye and seem to be a satisfying way of leaving something of lasting beauty and worth to posterity .
26 The sides of the lining can be temporarily hand stitched to the sides of the curtain , if desired .
27 Top quality mattresses are also hand side-stitched — this will look like rows of dimples around the borders to hold the springs firmly in place at the edges and to strengthen the border .
28 And Frances has also collected a petition of sixty four children at her school which I will also hand over to the county secretary .
29 Campbell pointed out that certain factors may influence noncompliance with accepted techniques , e.g. hand paper towels may lead to skin irritation and in turn to skin abrasion and infection ; hot air dryers are noisy , slow and also may cause irritation ; soap may be irritant and therefore not used ; and sinks may be inaccessible .
30 Over the past 10 years the debt of sub-Saharan countries has tripled to $180bn and these countries now hand over one third of their foreign exchange earnings in debt payments .
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