Example sentences of "[not/n't] go " in BNC.

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1 And it has to be said , he wrote , that its opposite , a feeling of elation , equally physical , equally extra-physical , has also been a constant feature of my life , manifesting itself regularly though impossible to predict , a reeling in the chest this time , the chest and perhaps the throat , a feeling of the heart leaping and the blood pumping , it came when I first took up a brush and made a mark on paper , it came when I picked up the first readymade and felt it transformed by that very action , it came when Madge rang to say she could not go on , when Annie wrote to say she was not coming back , when the idea of the glass first popped into my head .
2 A project is a project , he wrote , and once it is begun it should be carried through to the end , regardless of doubts about meaning , doubts about long runs , or doubts about anything else , unless the body screams for you to stop , of course one can not go on for long against the screaming of the body , but then that merely means one has miscalculated , it merely means one has begun too soon or too late or perhaps that the entire project was a miscalculation .
3 It was this , I am thinking , that made Miss Jonathan realize that if the marriage she was about to enter into with a man much different from herself , and older also , would not go well , she would never from a Catholic be obtaining a divorce .
4 ‘ Why not go to some evening classes around here ? ’
5 While most , for example narcissi and scillas , should be planted as soon as they are bought , tulips should not go in to the garden until November .
6 Your partner is also welcome , so why not go along together to discuss the different methods of birth control ?
7 They must not go at all .
8 Nevertheless , he did not go to university unwillingly .
9 She did not go to the room with the twin beds but to the single room with the sloping ceiling .
10 It would not go anywhere ; there was nowhere for it to go .
11 The exotic land-prepared dishes did not go down well .
12 Apparently the green movement is worried that the rind may carry pesticides ; a new generation of beer purists dislike the lemon ; and it does not go so well with the heavily sedimented style currently favoured .
13 Both of these places are within walking distance of Docklands but I did not go to the Great British Beer Festival .
14 But I did not go to the Great British Beer Festival .
15 The ideal of beauty and normality can not perish in a healthy society ; and for this reason you ought to let art go its own way ad be confident that it will not go astray …
16 Easthope believes that the modernist concept of ‘ impersonality ’ , later systematized in the New Criticism , and theorized by Wimsatt and Beardsley in their famous essay ‘ The Intentional Fallacy ’ , was on the right lines , but did not go far enough , as the author was not really banished .
17 Maybe fire is the opposite principle to light , and comes to the use of those who do not go the way of light .
18 Not at all ; good writing is so infernally difficult that even the most modest achievement ( and Pound 's claims for some of these poets are modest indeed ) should not go unacknowledged .
19 JOHN PRESCOTT did not go to university , was never a television presenter , and finds it exceedingly difficult to complete a grammatically correct sentence .
20 The 31-year-old ex-paratrooper 's prize for retaining his title at Wembley on Saturday night was £10,000 , which does not go far for a full-time body builder who downs half a dozen eggs after his breakfast cereal and eight to 10 chicken breasts a day when ‘ bulking up ’ .
21 If the complete Porgy reveals anything , it is that Gershwin did not go straight from one hit to another ( as we did here , from ‘ Summertime ’ to ‘ A Woman is a Sometime Thing ’ ) .
22 We can not go back on this pledge , ’ Mr Benn said .
23 ‘ Under no circumstances will any of those competitors who have been chosen be told they can not go . ’
24 What did emerge though was a personable and seemingly deeply caring young man , claiming not to understand why sportsmen could not go to South Africa but could go to India , which imported South African gold .
25 The United manager , Dave Bassett , now values him at £70,000 , but his Lincoln counterpart Colin Murphy will not go above £50,000 .
26 Four Hearts , on the other hand , was not a success although the play did not go quite as you might think .
27 Do not go out on the streets , he begged his compatriots — instead , put a lighted candle in the window for reform .
28 But advocates of PR said afterwards that the issue would not go away : Labour has yet to decide its preferred method of electing its proposed regional assemblies and its replacement for the House of Lords .
29 But the pomp and splendour did not go down so well with Craig Chalmers .
30 Many reformers also complained that the new party 's founding document , adopted on Saturday by an 80 per cent majority , did not go far enough .
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