Example sentences of "to have been [verb] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Mr Jones , 55 , said : ‘ I am very surprised to have been selected for this award , but extremely pleased . ’
2 ‘ At the alleged places of detention , ’ Mr Ahtisaari said , ‘ the facilities were found to have been stripped of all valuable material and not to have been inhabited for several weeks at least . ’
3 EXPERT OPINION Gary Hollyhead , head chef at Sutherlands Restaurant , prefers his beef to have been hung for three weeks , for maximum tenderness and the best flavour .
4 Apart from the obvious point that it fails to produce uniformity its principal defect is that it leads to the application of a particular national law which is likely to have been devised for domestic transactions and may well be ill-suited to those which are international in character .
5 Amnesty International is also concerned that in other instances , during the operation some unarmed civilians were reportedly killed deliberately by Soviet and Azerbaydzhani law enforcement officials without warning or attempts to apprehend them , and that some people are said to have been detained for short periods solely on grounds of their ethnic origin .
6 The overall trade deficit in 1990 , according to preliminary figures , was US$4,730 million — the first overall deficit to have been recorded for five years .
7 Experimental tests of the Hashin-Shtrikman and Hill-Walpole bounds , which lie , of course , within the Voigt and Reuss bounds do not appear to have been made for single polymer systems but , as discussed later in this chapter , they have been applied to a styrene-butadiene-styrene system and to a composite of glass beads and epoxy resin ( Arridge & Crowson 1979 ) .
8 At intervals round each temple there were adyta , sunken and secluded rectangular areas which are thought to have been used for important ceremonies ( Marinatos 1984 ) .
9 It is one of the most substantial ( 371 pages ) reconsiderations of the man and his music to have been published for some time and , although it is not easy reading , it is a stimulating book which opera producers in particular should keep handy .
10 All foreign branches seem to have been closed for financial reasons in 1891–1892 , but Wilson , after the refloating of the union in 1894 , persisted in his international endeavours , establishing new branches in Hamburg , Rotterdam and Antwerp in the following year and an agency in New York , and accepting the logic of the shipowners ' often repeated argument that British claims to higher pay would be more convincing if foreign rates were brought up to British levels .
11 Unfortunately the only categories included in the criteria for grants which might be exploited by the arts do not appear to have been designed for this purpose .
12 The kitchens appeared to have been designed for human use , judging from the height of the working surfaces and the sheer size of the ladles , pots and pans and other pieces of equipment .
13 He claims to have been paddling for 26 years , not bad for a 32 year old .
14 This view will be related to the determinate sentence that would have been passed but for the element of mental instability and/or public risk which led the judge to pass a life sentence and will also take account of the notional period of the sentence which a prisoner might expect to have been remitted for good behaviour had a determinate sentence been passed .
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