Example sentences of "must have be [prep] [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Any academic learning at Stamford , therefore , must have been of limited scope and only the rebel students and masters between 1333 and 1335 ever issued degrees .
2 So Wilson 's work of ‘ Cader Idris ’ , even if only seen by Green as a print , must have been of seminal interest .
3 Gould 's arrangements for his own children were meticulously considered , which must have been of some consolation to his wife , who had dutifully resolved to accompany her husband to Australia .
4 He had been Town Sergeant from 1846 , and a formidable character he must have been to any offender .
5 Welcome as the Cabinet 's new policy must have been to some Ministers in the Lords , such as Lord Pakenham , then Minister of Civil Aviation and an abolitionist to his fingertips , voting for suspension can not have been an agreeable experience for the unyieldingly retentionist Lord Chancellor , Jowitt .
6 It must have been with some degree of cautiousness and a heightened sense of responsibility that Gould once more stocked up on shot , caps , and powder on his way back through Launceston for the journey home .
7 She had said ‘ the rest of you ’ and I had never heard her so distance herself before , but what astonished me was the realisation that my father must have been at that party , must have returned with my mother to the villa in the small hours , must have been aware of me in my little white pyjamas and Panama hat .
8 They must have been at that game for ages — and no anaesthetics , either .
9 It must have been at that time that his habit of keeping notes on his travels began .
10 It must have been at some time , because I can speak it now .
11 This very large accession takes up where the first deposit stopped , and covers the years 1861 to 1920 , in addition to some titles and papers of earlier date which must have been at some time extracted from their proper place .
12 I must I must have been I must have been on good form that day
13 He had visited the place in 1937 and it must have been on this occasion that he took photographs of the village and of St Michael 's Church there ( where later his ashes were to be interred ) .
14 It also gives the information that Rolle was " accustomed to show himself very familiar to recluses , and to those who needed spiritual consolation " and it must have been during this period of his life that he met his disciple Margaret de Kirkeby .
15 Considering how many times he must have been through this script , there are a lot of ‘ ums ’ and ‘ you knows ’ and pauses , but eventually we get there .
16 Here the choice must have been between good lakes and less good lakes .
17 It is difficult to visualize now , but it must have been within this pavilion that the young Roshanara consulted her spies as she reclined on carpets beside the gently bubbling irrigation runnels .
18 Oh it was a dreadful thing when you come to think of it now , the poor women could n't help it she was must have been in desperate straits to do a thing like that .
19 Aaron 's mother , Lesley , 26 , said : ‘ He was very calm and must have been in great pain .
20 You must have been in full-time employment for a fixed time before you can claim ?
21 Well , I must have been in first year juniors .
22 Coming back , as always , to the Jurassic , one has only to compare the 30 ammonite zones represented in one foot of sediment in Sicily with the 15 000 feet representing a single zone in Oregon , to realise how startlingly different rates of deposition must have been in different places .
23 This being must have been in some way necessary to humanity , it is inconceivable that this is not so , for surely there would have been evidence of at least one enduring civilisation that had neither ‘ god ’ nor temple .
24 Must have been in this room when I got here .
25 By the middle of 1802 , as the family house and shop passed into other hands , Ben was left alone with only sisters for company ; Elizabeth , the eldest , had very recently married , and little brother must have been in imminent danger of succumbing to the petticoat government of Mary and Sarah .
26 It must have been in these years that Henry II and Eleanor became increasingly estranged .
27 This transhumance to distant resources is often thought of only in connection with more primitive and foreign communities , but it was certainly common in Anglo-Saxon and medieval times and must have been in earlier periods as well ( Figs. 11 , 59 and 93 ) .
28 If this prophecy conveys anything of the sentiments of the Crowland community at the time , it must have been from congenial company hostile to Penda 's descendants that Aethelbald emerged to establish himself as king in Mercia , if not when Ceolred died ( ASC A , s.a. , 716 ) then certainly when an otherwise unknown Ceolwald , who may have succeeded Ceolred , died or was driven out .
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