Example sentences of "'ve just been [verb] to [pron] " in BNC.

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1 took the first call , but I 've just been speaking to him , and you 'd better have the full picture . ’
2 ‘ I 've just been speaking to my sister .
3 Oh I 've just been listening to your conversation with Dennis and Iris .
4 Er in fact I have now , Mr has found the er the report which has actually got the traffic assessment e that we 've just been referring to which is er no western relief road but with in an inner northern road .
5 Now you 've just been describing to us Mr about er your leisure activities etcetera and it was sort of confined to the etcetera .
6 " Take the Tran family over there who 've just been introduced to your father , for instance .
7 Well no she does n't , I 've just been talking to her .
8 ‘ I 've just been talking to your aunt on the phone .
9 Erm I I 've just been talking to me husband about it .
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