Example sentences of "even [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 Even if you think me the most immoral bastard ever to walk the face of the earth , why would you react so personally ?
2 He had no doubt it was one of the verderers ' horses and that it was dying ; indeed , even as he watched it the spasmodic movements seemed weaker and less purposeful .
3 Suddenly she knew the answer , even as she asked herself the question , and realised what she had to do .
4 Although even as she said it the thought rushed through her mind that that was exactly what she was doing now .
5 On the lower rung of legal self-determination the grant of customary franchises might be in a lord 's interests , for it could secure his revenues in perpetuity , even as it barred him the chance of arbitrary exaction ; besides , an early concession might prevent more explosive demands later .
6 But his concentration was poor these days : he could hardly keep his mind on anything for more than a moment … and even when he heard what the Padre said it made no sense … " the Editor of The Times as wise as God Himself ! "
7 Now , they smiled , standing with fingers entwined , bodies touching , and even when he left her the smile would remain and she would save her tears until his train was out of sight , trying not to think of the brave goodbye that might be their last .
8 Even though it cost us the life of a very good agent . ’
9 entire market price even though it cost us the business at this point in time .
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