Example sentences of "because it be [adv] [vb pp] that " in BNC.

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1 One state Department cable to the US ambassador in Teheran asked him to remind the Shah the reforms were necessary " because it is generally agreed that without some reforms Iran as likely as Khrushchev predicted to fall to Soviets like ripe plum "
2 This comes as a great shock to me because it is well understood that anyone who does not like Erich Kleiber 's conducting must be a Nazi ! ’
3 If the system does not provide for supervision , then the health authority could be primarily liable because it is well established that doctors need to do their training on the job .
4 It is somewhat paradoxical that structural shift does not appear to have been a major factor in productivity growth after the war , because it is well known that structural imbalances contributed substantially to unemployment between the wars .
5 This is convenient because it is now recognised that they are such an important aspect of the transaction ; and pension under-funding or , in recent times more likely , over-funding , can involve such large amounts of money that the arrangements will generally be negotiated separately from the rest of the agreement by specialist pension lawyers from the parties ' solicitors and the parties ' respective actuaries .
6 However it would appear that Hahnemann was a couple of centuries ahead of his time because it is now known that the DNA of certain viruses can incorporate itself into our own genome , our own inherited material .
7 The accession of the new king , William IV , in June 1830 brought some slight relief , mainly because it was widely believed that His Majesty favoured the destruction of machinery and the payment of 2 shillings a day to men of the labouring classes .
8 The time when scruples about extrapolating from studies on animals to humans would have seemed absurd , because it was widely held that basic behavioural processes were common to all species and that the complexity of behaviour was simply a function of the capacity of the organism to learn , is long since past .
9 It was only because it was repeatedly interrupted that it did not become all-pervasive , and ultimately intolerable .
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