Example sentences of "your [noun sg] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 My eyes started to blink and a lump stuck in my throat … if you have ever seen a dog barking in French , wagging not only its rudder but its complete hind quarters , and trying to punch you in your chest at the same time — there you have Emily 's welcome in a nut-shell .
2 That piece of toast you grab in the morning while trying to tidy the kitchen and brush your hair at the same time .
3 Styles and dries your hair at the same time
4 You could relish both the pain of the children and your grief at the same time . ’
5 It 's a terrible thing to lose your husband and your home at the same time .
6 And raise your profile at the same time .
7 By the way , you can have more than one event list on your calendar at the same time .
8 So , for a few pounds a month now , you could build up a very welcome nest-egg for yourself and provide financial protection for your family at the same time .
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