Example sentences of "now [pers pn] is [adv] [vb pp] that " in BNC.

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1 Whereas by a Transfer/Lease bearing even date herewith the property known as Seedy Towers was vested in the parties hereto as joint tenants for [ an estate in fee simple ] [ [ the residue of ] ] a term of [ 99 years from the ] Now it is hereby declared that the parties hereto hold the said property in trust for themselves [ as joint tenants in equal shares ] [ as tenants in common [ in equal shares ] [ in the proportion of one-third share for A B and two-third shares for C D ] ] Engross in duplicate for both parties to execute both parts , each to hold one part after completion .
2 Now it is frequently said that the development of skilled movement ‘ lags ’ a long way behind that of skilled perception , and in one sense this is certainly true : young babies have excellent visual acuity as revealed by their behavioural discrimination of , and neural responsivity , to gratings and chequerboards — but we do n't see them playing darts !
3 Now it is well known that any linear differential equation of order n has n independent solutions , the most general solution being a linear combination of these .
4 Now it is sometimes argued that the Reform Bill was deliberately framed so as to preclude the threat of a revolution founded on such an alignment , one in which a middle-class bourgeoisie would have provided the leadership and the lower classes the sheer mass , the numbers needed to carry it out ; and shrewdly calculated to concede just so much as was needed to reduce to a manageable scale the gathering political unrest which might have led to just such a convulsion .
5 I wish I could join him in the corridor , but now it is so crammed that there is no room .
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