Example sentences of "might be [verb] [prep] be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 On the grounds of its ancient lineage and apparently perennial vigour , the ‘ grand survivor ’ of all general theories might be said to be elite theory .
2 The first might be said to be context- and task-independent : we can understand what a sequence of symbols is meant to represent , without understanding the context within which those symbols might be put to use .
3 A deictic element is not a term as such , but some part of the utterance which might be said to be deictic .
4 Thus each group of accounts might be said to be objective but they are not comparable .
5 So is the cold war giant , at least in the sense that a mighty military machine with no visible threat to its well-being might be said to be dead .
6 And that 's money we have to spend , and it in a way that was a controversial decision because members of the Council were genuinely concerned about spending money on what might be seen to be central services , when they were having to face not improving staffing in elderly persons ' homes .
7 Power is being exercised for an improper purpose ( to regulate unfurnished property ) and power is being used unreasonably ( £6,000 might be argued to be excessive ) .
8 The New Historicists ' 'reciprocal concern with the historicity of texts and the textuality of history' would set up an exchange which might be assumed to be awkward .
9 Such an abnormality might be considered to be insufficient to explain the severity and chronicity of symptoms , however , involvement of widespread areas of the intestine including the colon have been described in cryptosporidiosis and the extent of the enteropathy may be an important factor in these cases .
10 Alternatively , all three persons , programmer , database developer and user , might be considered to be joint authors .
11 The advantages of such a mechanism are clear , it is possible to manipulate the model and thus understand the outside world in the sense of predicting what will happen without the potential costs of attempting to manipulate the real world and allowing things to happen , some of which might be considered to be unfortunate .
12 My objection was not to discussion of the subject , but to the refusal of those who might be expected to be clear and able spokesmen of the Church to commit themselves to a firm position on right and wrong .
13 Meetings therefore always took place at five-thirty in the evening , a time when a politician , a lawyer or a captain of industry might be expected to be able to get away from his office for an important private occasion .
14 The effect of this decision is to reverse the trend that was evident from the preceding cases in which there had been a gradual tendency to expand the range of third parties to whom accountants might be held to be liable as a result of errors in financial statements .
15 Even when increased authenticity might be judged to be desirable on motivational grounds , one is faced with the problem that the process of learning depends on the recognition of underlying regularities , on the identification of salient and essential features from all the accidental complexities of actual behaviour .
16 The first three of these are clearly concerned with the treatment of third-country nationals , and it is therefore of interest to note that the question of visa policy , which might be thought to be implicit in the second and third objectives mentioned above will fall within the scope of Community competence by virtue of the new Article 100C of the EEC Treaty introduced by the Maastricht Treaty .
17 Librarians recognize the need for an appropriate balance to be maintained within the materials which they make available to reflect differing extremes or shades of opinion on matters which might be thought to be contentious .
18 On the other hand , its penalty structure might be thought to be preferable to that of New South Wales , for the maximum penalty for each category of offence is higher than in New South Wales and the ten-year maximum for simple sexual assault enables a heavier penalty to be imposed in serious cases which do not come within the higher categories .
19 Newspaper reports , where a reporter was present at the scene , might be thought to be valuable , but unfortunately it has been shown only too often how little reliance can be placed on them .
20 Although the students had few problems in discerning a variety of viable strategies for presenting new lexis in such a way that learners might be thought to be able to perceive its meaning without the intervention of English , the areas of structure and discourse proved less tractable .
21 Some of the landowning agencies that are most restrictive are those which might be thought to be answerable to the public , or have their best interests at heart : the Forestry Commission , the Ministry of Defence and sometimes even the National Trust come to mind .
22 Except in larger firms , unanimity might be thought to be desirable in the interests of preventing further splits in the firm , and even where a majority decision is available , a genuine attempt to achieve unanimity should always be made : save in any but the clearest case , exercise of the power by a permitted majority without consultation with the remaining partners would be regarded as being in bad faith .
23 Some earlier critics of the deprave-and-corrupt test had suggested a return to a test based on ‘ outrage ’ , with the Longford Report proposing in 1972 that an article might be deemed to be obscene ‘ if its effect , taken as a whole , is to outrage contemporary standards of decency or humanity accepted by the public at large ’ .
24 The Act gives no indication of circumstances which might be deemed to be exceptional .
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