Example sentences of "time it [be] [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 He or she may — and probably will — possess a more subtle view of ‘ professionalism ’ than the capacity to deliver examination results , but at the same time it is well known that many parents and politicians see those results as the crucial way by which schools account for their success or failure .
2 Sometimes an observant parent will notice something that will give us a clue ; after a child recovers from one of those high fevers that ‘ lay it very low ’ for a short time it is sometimes seen that the child is more ‘ well ’ than before it became ‘ ill ’ , provided the illness has not been inappropriately treated or interfered with in some way .
3 Rational arguments and the need for money may keep it submerged but from time to time it is so inflamed that it can no longer be suppressed .
4 This time it was widely recognised that a change in policy was necessary if it was to be achieved .
5 At one time it was widely believed that there had been a great rise in the birth-rate ; there was , in fact , a slow rise to the end of the 1861–70 decade , after which the rate began to fall .
6 At the time it was widely believed that Sugar would not be returning to operational flying , as the following press release issued at the time seemed to indicate :
7 At the time it was widely forecast that if the Lords ' experiment was a success the Commons would be forced to follow suit .
8 At the time it was widely held that the early parts of the visual system acted like a closed-circuit television , with the eye acting as the camera and the visual cortex acting as the TV monitor .
9 Although it later transpired that the RSSPCC were contracted by the Social Work Department to remove and question the South Ronaldsay children , at the time it was generally understood that Orkney 's own social workers were mainly involved .
10 By this time it was generally considered that the forests were anachronistic and unprofitable .
11 At a later time it was even decreed that should there be no male ( in particular a father ) available to sever the foreskin and make the blood flow , then the child should wait until he had grown up and then perform the operation himself .
12 At the time it was genuinely believed that he was a significant factor in the unsatisfactory World Cup performance .
13 At that time it was still believed that Mercury did keep the same face to the Sun , and therefore this temperature was used to support the idea that Mercury had an atmosphere , because such an atmosphere would transport heat around from the Sun-facing side , thus raising the night-side temperature .
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