Example sentences of "have [been] [vb pp] [prep] [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Piggy is short-sighted ; and the spectacles he would have been prescribed for this condition could not possibly have been used as burning glasses .
2 Spectacles or low vision aids may have been prescribed in some cases , and teachers should be informed about this .
3 For instance most of this debate would not have been understood by many people in my parish .
4 If she had n't been so irritable and on edge , Camille might have been flattered by this notion .
5 Might he have been despatched by those means , other than useless lawyers , which were considered by Sandra when she wrote the list ?
6 If you 've had office copy entries , the date from which to search is that given at the foot of each page , when the office copy entries were issued ; your search will then reveal any entries that may have been made since that date .
7 You said yourself , that hole could have been made at any time .
8 Antigliadin antibody concentrations were measured in 17 patients and the question arises if the diagnosis of coeliac disease could have been made with these results alone .
9 The coins included in a hoard deposited at a given date will all have been made before that date .
10 These tortoise holes are often so long — up to forty feet — that judging from the tortoise 's slow rate of excavation they must have been made by several generations and are probably several centuries old .
11 My only complaint , and I feel it is an important gripe , is that his hand drawn maps interleaving trackbeds with suggested walking route could well have been made by any millipede unfortunate enough to bathe in an inkwell .
12 To constitute an offence under those sections the waste must have been deposited on an unlicensed site or in breach of the conditions in the licence , must amount to an ‘ environmental hazard ’ and must have been deposited in such circumstances or for such a period that whoever deposited it there may reasonably be assumed to have abandoned it there or to have brought it there for the purpose of its being disposed as waste .
13 It is also guaranteeing mortgages at 1 per cent below the normal interest rate , for endowment or pension-linked policies , on several of the houses up for sale , an interesting and innovative service for would-be bidders ( mortgage surveys will already have been undertaken for these houses ) .
14 It was indulging in a relatively straightforward exercise in civil engineering which could have been undertaken at any time during the last 100 years or more .
15 You may have been born in another country , for instance , and still not feel truly at home in the foreign culture and customs you have come to .
16 Second , the exodus from the dollar created more expansionary monetary conditions than would otherwise have been adopted by some governments .
17 For example , one migrant volunteered to organize the meal served at the annual Harvest Home , but he replaced the traditional supper of Orkney dishes with a meal that could have been served in any restaurant in the south of Scotland .
18 I was for resolving this phenomenon into ship-wrecks , and supposing that they might have been flung on these coasts out of some unhappy vessels ; but this solution of mine is absolutely denied , from the frequency and regularity of the appearance of these seeds . "
19 I was for resolving this phenomenon into ship-wrecks , and supposing that they might have been flung on these coasts out of some unhappy vessels ; but this solution of mine is absolutely denied , from the frequency and regularity of the appearance of these seeds . "
20 To say nothing of the fact that ‘ charity ’ should not have been invoked in this issue , the fact was that the excruciating passion levels broke all records on this outing , bust all guts .
21 It could even have been disguised in that box I sent .
22 It does not even follow that the research base should have been developed in any institution of higher education .
23 Links with parents and with associated schools — which were reported to be few and far between — could have been developed in this situation .
24 for he will have been acquitted in any event .
25 Another possibility is that the gas density may have been overestimated for some reason .
26 Not much enlightenment there ; the same reply could have been given at any time in the past four years .
27 Yet signs are not wanting that the mental effort of doing so is one which will become more and more difficult as the memory of the distinct courts of Law and Equity dies out ; and perhaps already the unified jurisdiction of the High Court , and the statutes which have codified certain branches of Common Law and Equity , have produced some results which could hardly have been given by any combination of proceedings in the separate courts , or by the development of the law solely by means of cases decided in them .
28 Cos I wondered if funerals would would wo have been seen as another sign of disrespect .
29 At the same time there was an emphasis upon paternalism to enhance workers ' motivation and promote effective work performance which might otherwise have been impaired by this control strategy .
30 It was a stupid decision , indicating only the severity of the government 's dollar crisis , and it is incredible that it should have been implemented without any discussion with the country 's major exhibitor .
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