Example sentences of "some [noun sg] of [noun sg] over the " in BNC.

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1 If I had developed some measure of showmanship over the years , I felt it was not much use to me or anyone else while I sat in my office and let junior producers have all the fun .
2 While all disciplines have disputes over what constitutes worthwhile and well-founded knowledge , what holds each together is some measure of agreement over the boundaries in which such disagreements arise .
3 A court must be able to exercise some measure of control over the cases which are brought before it , to prevent injustice to either party and to ensure that the various issues can be fully and effectively dealt with .
4 Fourth , the holder of a floating charge will have some measure of control over the company even without taking any steps to enforce it .
5 During the autumn and winter keep the compost from drying out completely , which means providing some kind of protection over the plant .
6 Virginia found herself desperately hoping Guy would be back at Armscott Manor , because suddenly she was possessed with a burning need to talk to him , build some kind of bridge over the chasm she 'd caused with her accusation over Farthingdales .
7 Somehow if I could only know what he was doing and who he was seeing , that gave me some kind of control over the situation .
8 Armed with some or , very rarely , all of the above resources , presidents may achieve some degree of mastery over the American political system .
9 In addition to imitation , there are a number of other procedures designed to give the teacher or therapist some degree of control over the child 's language production .
10 The government had been thinking about ways for the administration to maintain some degree of control over the colonies since the mid-1650s ; in 1675 Charles set up the first organization to establish any record of continuity , a sign that his possessions overseas were settling down into some sort of discernible order .
11 To hypothesize , it was as if the king of France held the earldom of Cornwall or Lancaster from the king of England , who could therefore exert some degree of control over the foreign policy and behaviour of the king of France .
12 This explains why the Commission wishes to exercise some degree of control over the freedom to subsidise .
13 The Home Secretary performs the following functions in relation to all police forces : ( a ) Some degree of control over the appointment and dismissal of senior officers .
14 They might see it as better to take-over their main supplier , even if it means that company losing some existing orders from competing manufacturers of food products ; * buyers may deliberately seek international suppliers , so as to maintain their choice and retain some degree of control over the prices and terms of supply .
15 Hope you managed to get some sort of break over the weekend and that you 're not too behind on schedule — it 'll probably pick up later on in the shoot !
16 planning applications , erm the sort of locational aspects are important , the the existing policy in the structure plan did have some sort of control over the the number of jobs , but it 's as as David Potter has said , it 's been very difficult to monitor er the level of jobs being provided , and in practice it 's been really impossible to implement that aspect of of the policy .
17 This may be expressed either as a single year figure or as some form of average over the life of the project .
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