Example sentences of "i have just [vb pp] from a " in BNC.

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1 I was feel very proud of myself because I had just progressed from a tiny red tricycle to riding a huge yellow proper bicycle , with stabilizers .
2 I had just returned from a training stint in Lanzarote .
3 I 've just come from a session with Gladys Brown , a strange woman who has the room next to Meryl Armitage 's .
4 I 've just come from a crossroads called Quatre Bras , sir .
5 I 've just come from a meeting with Bobby Anscombe .
6 After 30 seconds or so , he stops and rubs his left hand across his face in the way I do when I 've just woken from a night 's sleep .
7 I have just returned from a holiday in Hungary with my six year old son and I feel I must write to thank you .
8 I have just returned from a visit to Bulgaria , and I thought your readers might like to see their spraying equipment .
9 I HAVE JUST RETURNED from a trip to Norway , a country I find like an exaggerated version of Scotland — bigger mountains , wider moorland , wilder scenery and more extreme temperatures .
10 Sir , I have just returned from a full week in Belgrade and would like to seek comment and clarification on the information and knowledge sanctions which are now being imposed on Serbia .
11 I HAVE JUST returned from a visit to my landlord , Mr Heathcliff .
12 I have just returned from a NATO meeting last week at which we agreed the military strategy that will accompany the strategic concept now agreed , of which Germany is a prominent supporter .
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