Example sentences of "that [pron] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 As there was only the one company it is reasonable to infer that everyone roped in for the first loan was in fact a Merchant Taylor .
2 Often , even after insisting that everyone goes back to the launch point , there will be barely enough people to hold all the gliders down , turn them around and re-park them if the wind changes .
3 ‘ It 's not very often that I come down from the pulpit but I feel this would be a genuinely worthwhile exercise , ’ he said .
4 erm , you have , I have n't , and erm , there was a photograph that I cut out of the paper sometime before he abdicated , over the Prince of Wales at the races with Mrs Simpson .
5 It was only after I 'd stopped doing that and gone into the corner to have a piss that I looked over into the other corner where there was a pile of rusty cans and old bottles ; there I saw the jagged stripes of the sleeping snake .
6 As I suppose was inevitable , the story gradually became that Eric would set fire to them , not just their pet dogs ; and , as was probably also inevitable , a lot of kids started to think that I was Eric , or that I got up to the same tricks .
7 That I got up in the night and walked into an open press . ’
8 It was n't until some years later that I came back to the question of the receptors and showed that the most dramatic effects involved the NMDA glutamate receptor I mentioned in the last chapter ( but wo n't discuss further here ) .
9 I had n't intended to speak on the external affairs section , but the discussion had widened so much that I came in with the attached remarks .
10 At about the same time that I went up into the Boys ' School , my friend Hubert Gould moved away to Bournemouth and my other friend Alf Norris moved from The Friary to Greencroft Street and , as this was only two hundred yards from our house , we saw quite a lot of each other .
11 Erm that I went through at the beginning you know which is basically write to lots of people
12 In my own defence I can say only that I went along for the ride , as it were , if you 'll forgive the expression , Mr Milton . ’
13 The figures that I quoted were given in a written answer to a question that I put down about the cutbacks in regional preferential assistance .
14 The only person that I know about at the playhouse is Gordon .
15 So good am I that I turn round on the runners to photograph Tony .
16 But this was a wee sort of lump that I had down at the bottom of my vagina .
17 Expenditures , er some of the the er higher amounts are printing at ninety pounds fifty , cons conference fees at sixty pounds , er Euro Election er donation of twenty five pounds , photocopies of forty pounds , er bank charges Which er was a point that I took up with the bank erm Mr Chairman last December .
18 Which is a bloody good thing , really that I started off with the tape , hands
19 But the wind was behind me and each wave picked up the boat and surged her ahead , so that I tied up at the pier some fifteen hours after I had left , a little tired but satisfied that another small gap in our knowledge of birds had been filled .
20 So was it very surprising that I picked up on the African presence moving around the island ?
21 allow and they reckon that soft ones are better suited too sports because , because of the great action they 're harder to , to knock out , whereas soft ones er , have better other qualities , I 've got this little fucking book , book that I picked up in the Boots in Farnborough the other day yes , its quite interesting .
22 The main points that I picked out from the game affecting the law changes are :
23 But I , I , I know that I missed out on the , the private education one because I should 've come back on that .
24 ‘ You mean that someone leaned out of the window and shouted to you ? ’
25 It was on the rebound from Higginbotham that she took up with the first boy that she came near to liking .
26 It is a low repetitive moan that she keeps up for the rest of the afternoon .
27 She hesitated over several , dark , rather unobtrusive garments in one corner , thinking that they looked harmless until two creeping , fog-like hands reached for her and an evil chuckle filled the room , so that she shot back to the room 's centre out of their reach .
28 She was all but out of the door on her way to Oxford Street when , incredibly , she found herself shaking , so much so that she went back into the tiny bedroom and lay down .
29 ‘ Dammit to hell , ’ he cursed , letting her go abruptly so that she fell back on the bed in an untidy heap .
30 She could feel the moment when he decided to thrust her away from him , abruptly stepping back , the shock of their coming apart striking as swift as a blow , stunning her , so that she fell back against the parapet , her lips swollen by the passion of his taking , a soft anguished breath escaping from between them .
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