Example sentences of "that [pron] [verb] [Wh adv] [pers pn] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Do you know , Father , it was n't until Whitton was dead that I realised how he had held us in his evil thrall . ’
2 Yet it was then that I knew why I had come , for just distinguishable to me against the background of reciting voices , I heard my own voice .
3 Edward knew he was being pampered and , in his letters to Helen about his friendship with Gwili 's sister , he confessed that ‘ in fact it was partly you that I saw when I held her : I hope I shall never forget her ; then I shall feel that it is possible to love another even though I am all and ever yours , little one .
4 The first thing that I noticed when I arrived in the dusty Managua airport , besides the tanks parked in the landing field , was an enormous poster of an unmistakable Daniel Ortega , clad in blue jeans and a cowboy shirt , holding an infant with an earring .
5 think I mind says that I ask where you going now , going now or , well he 's not been here .
6 ‘ No , ’ said Aline , suddenly serious , ‘ it is only that the step from perfectly ordinary things into the miraculous seems to me so small , almost accidental , that I wonder why it astonishes you at all , or why you trouble to reason about it .
7 I tell yer , Joe , I ai n't too partial to that cove , and nor ai n't I 'appy that 'e knows where I live .
8 It was n't that she cared how she looked , she told herself .
9 She did not consciously know that , with Luke 's swift co-operation , she had rid him of his tie , nor that she was left unaided to tear at his shirt buttons with frantic fingers ; and it was only through her senses that she knew when she came to hard flesh and soft springy hair , her palm sliding damply over his chest , fingers catching luxuriously in the light tangle of hair covering it .
10 So that she knew when he stood up and walked round to drop to his knees beside her .
11 She is far more likely to obey the rules if you discuss them with her , so that she knows why you make them .
12 It seemed so quick and easy when the time came that she wondered why she had waited so long .
13 After all , ’ said the kind-looking gentleman in his pleasant voice , ‘ they were aware by then that you knew where they lived , and that there was a chance you 'd have them arrested . ’
14 The most important factor in ‘ free stretching ’ is that you know when it hurts and how far you can go , making it possible for you to immediately release the stretch should you need to .
15 In the concluding part of this chapter we want to pass rough , but clear , judgement on these matters so that you know where we stand .
16 she 's just giving , she 's just give me an adult education centre there at Spinny Hill , Northampton and she said they put everything in perspective for you so that you know where you 've got to start , what is available to you and then she said if you go down the job centre and ask them if E T , education , employment training
17 When you offer a piece of information , you do n't commit yourself in quite the same way that you do when you propose or suggest an idea .
18 FRACTAL geometry is one of those concepts which at first sight invites disbelief but on second thought becomes so natural that one wonders why it has only recently been developed .
19 No , but it means , it means that we know how we 've got to gear up
20 This same attitude can also be seen in the exasperating , but typical , response that we received whenever we questioned a third party 's motives for doing something : ‘ Oh , sara ’ li kaa' ’ — roughly : ‘ Oh , it 's his business . ’
21 If we are to understand the complex relationship between people and the planet upon which they live then it is essential that we understand how it has evolved over time .
22 It was only when they came out of the rearmost door and found a temporary hut facing them with Radio Room marked on the door , that they realised why they had n't found it the first time .
23 It 's worth pointing this out to your students too , so that they understand why you set the tasks you do when you use video with them .
24 The answer to that question is that it depends how you plan to use the recording .
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