Example sentences of "i 've just been [v-ing] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Well , but I 've just been conversing with ghosts myself .
2 I 've just been looking at the end-May figures and notice we 're just about holding our own on the Gesamt .
3 I 've just been hearing about Pat 's epic poem about the ‘ other side ’ , ’ said Alison .
4 By the way , I 've just been glancing through my fixture list , and it seems to me that the real test of our recent good form will come in December/early January .
5 I 've , I 've just been dealing with that in a booklet .
6 Then that particular Saturday , Leith 's outgoing if slightly irresponsible brother had come to tell her excitedly , ‘ I 've just been chatting to Rosemary Green ! ’
7 Though , it 's just that , one of the things that Caroline actually , er working on with Warwick University is a way of re-looking at public services and how there funded right , it 's basically to help David to make the case with Margaret Margaret for more money with the local Government , but erm I mean the sort of things we 've been getting into is like when you considering paying for public services , should you , should you pay like in advance like through the National Insurance System or like , like I mean the French Health Service for example , people pay it for ambulances when they use them , though they pay on a differential rate , but I mean it 's an issue to debate , it 's right , and I 've just been thinking about lavatory while you 've been speaking .
8 I 've just been thinking about you . "
9 ‘ By the way , I 've just been listening to the news .
10 Oh I 've just been listening to your conversation with Dennis and Iris .
11 took the first call , but I 've just been speaking to him , and you 'd better have the full picture . ’
12 I 've just been speaking to my sister .
13 I 've just been speaking to Drewer , ’ rapped Naylor .
14 like I 've just said , I 've just been speaking for a whole lesson , my voice is just I 've got to talk to you to explain what we 're doing , so let's quietly
15 I 've just been shopping with Maggie this morning .
16 I sang down the Bottom Club , so when I went down the next week the manager said I 've just been waiting for you , I 've been waiting for you to come in he said so he said , look the group ca n't come he said , will you sing ?
17 It 's a letter from the Executive Services Officer that states , rule six , which is the one I 've just been talking about on the previous motion , is quite clear in saying that only individual members can pursue appeals and not a branch .
18 I 've just been talking to your aunt on the phone .
19 I 've just been talking to Captain Montgomery .
20 I 've just been talking to Mrs Flaherty , ’ she said .
21 Erm I I 've just been talking to me husband about it .
22 Catching her arm , he said quietly , ‘ I 've just been talking to Donal . ’
23 But I 've just been talking to the head there and he said you know that you know the tor tutorial programme , Mrs started it all erm
24 You may have to say , Well I 've just been talking to the estate agent about this and er you know on a number occasions he 's sent people along to you er may be you did n't realize that was happening .
25 Well no she does n't , I 've just been talking to her .
26 I 've just been going through it really , the textbook .
27 What I 've just been saying about the importance of time and movement in Proust 's novel give rise I think to a further question .
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