Example sentences of "was [verb] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 One patient also had a distal gastric cancer which was resected at the same time as the colonic primary .
2 she , she was baptised at the same time as I was , you know , er , the same day , Manchester assembly , that was nineteen seventy four seventy five no , seventy four , yeah
3 Edward Blishen , the presenter , has an enviable gift for sketching in background and perspective , drawing up different strands of what was happening at the same time to make his argument , all with ease .
4 You can not deduce from the fact that it was happening at the same time that it was a cause .
5 The Wimbledon defender will also request a cut in a six-month playing ban , suspended for three years , which was imposed at the same time .
6 This kitchen extension is an excellent example of how it should be done : it looks as if it was built at the same time as the rest of the house
7 The lower part of the corps de logis on the southern or river side was built at the same time as the keep , but later raised , when a northern wing was added to it .
8 Chlorine was used at the same time , and one may suppose that confusion arose in many minds about their separate effects .
9 In January , the day before a conference on chemical weapons opened in Paris , the Romanian leader announced publicly that he would not accept a ban on chemical weapons unless a universal ban on nuclear weapons was agreed at the same time .
10 To reduce the risk of variable staining intensities , Grimelius staining was performed at the same time for all the specimens of one examination year .
11 Dialysis was performed at the same time of day for each subject .
12 Jacqueline de Romilly , Professor of Greek Literature at the Sorbonne , in her Messenger Lectures at Cornell University in 1967 on ‘ Time in Greek Tragedy ’ , has argued that it was no coincidence that Greek tragedy was born at the same time as historiography .
13 That Antony Royd , I remember , Mrs Royd was expecting at the same time as Mrs Bean had Kevin , and he was premature .
14 The Junior School was expanding at the same time , with two forms ( instead of one ) at each of 7+ and 8+ , with girls admitted here too for the first time .
15 It was noted at the same time — though with rather less interest — that the lady Anne 's companion was leaving sanctuary .
16 Although it is not clear whether the Falange leader was notified at the same time , the indications are that he was aware of Franco 's decision , for he called an extraordinary session of the party 's National Council , in order to elect a permanent party leader .
17 In a letter to the British Medical Journal in 1938 on the treatment of pneumonia he stated that sulphapyridine was active against pneumococci only when helped by leucocytes , and ( true to the tradition of Almroth Wright ) its action was improved if anti-pneumococcal serum was administered at the same time .
18 Keith Bailey , 57 , chairman of BSA tools of Birmingham , was arrested at the same time as the Matrix Churchill bosses .
19 It also works with the AppleTalk PC card that was announced at the same time .
20 It was announced at the same time that two others had been executed in the Sumatran town of Medan in October 1989 .
21 It was announced at the same time that the UK Prime Minister , John Major , would travel to Beijing to sign the agreement , making him the first Western head of government to visit China since the crushing of the pro-democracy movement in June 1989 .
22 Her picture of God ( which came from experiences in the past ) was so distorted that without realizing it she was believing a grotesque caricature of God which for sanity 's sake she was forced at the same time to doubt .
23 A cervical vagotomy was performed through a midline neck incision and a tracheostomy tube was inserted at the same time .
24 The question was whether the reasonable business man would have considered that the new value was extended at the same time as the execution of the charge and not whether the new value was extended because of the existence of the charge .
25 The blazer badge reinforced the ‘ capture of bodies ’ philosophy which had sustained our earlier lives , but was created at the same time that I was compiling a paper for presentation at the national BMA police surgeons ' conference .
26 These had gone down rather well , and as our Baroque painting specialist was leaving at the same time as Youngman , voices were raised to say here was perhaps both the lecturer and the administrator we were looking for .
27 A sample from the original PEG batch given to the patients was analysed at the same time .
28 When the heir had done homage to the king , it was usual for the Justice of the Forest , on receipt of the appropriate writ , to take from him security for the payment of relief , and then to give him seisin of his Forest bailiwick ; the king 's escheator was ordered at the same time to hand over his lands to him , those appurtenant to his forestership , and whatever others he might hold in chief by other service .
29 A parallel Committee on the Staffing of Local Government was established at the same time ‘ to consider the existing methods of recruiting local government officers and of using them ; and what changes might help local authorities to get the best possible service and help their officers to give it ’ ( Mallaby 1967:iii ) .
30 A National Development Group was established at the same time to advise on policy .
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