Example sentences of "it 'll be [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It 'll be company for 'im . ’
2 ‘ I thought it would give you something to do , now that you 've had to give up that idea of working full-time , and with Hugh away in , well , wherever it is , it 'll be company for you . ’
3 " It 'll be work for somebody , anyway .
4 Oh , it 'll be purgatory for me at least , I 'm sure .
5 When the time comes an' I ca n't lift a hundredweight of sugar or me old black pan , then it 'll be time for me to retire upstairs for good . ’
6 It 'll be time for me to go and collect Maria soon — ‘
7 If I do n't get back and find Jeff soon it 'll be time for my last bus and I ca n't go without seeing him .
8 I would have thought that we might go on holiday , well going on quite a long holiday , we 're going on holiday after the project video 's completed , so it 'll be Christmas for me
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