Example sentences of "it 's [adv] [adj] [verb] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 It 's rather nice to think that it happened in that way , that it was done overnight .
2 It 's probably true to say that some actors just do n't mix well with other actors or directors .
3 Unless you 're Peter Pan , in which case you probably believe in fairies as well , it 's probably fair to say that you are only young once .
4 Interestingly enough , even with a wide range of prices and types of hotel-style accommodation available , it 's probably fair to say that the majority of guests expect en suite bathroom facilities as standard .
5 It might be , I think in actual fact during your er , I think it might be a waste of time , but I think it 's probably advisable to try and find out a bit more about this
6 He 's a very bright man , Michael Howard , but it 's quite clear that he 's much more concerned with grabbing the headlines and finding scapegoats , than with taking action through law that will actually improve the chance , both of preventing crime and of detecting crime , and then even more so , deterring people from re-offending , and it 's most distressing to see that when research showed that a particular non-custodial method of punishment is effective in perhaps fifty or seventy or eighty percent of cases , whereas prison is not , he goes for prison , he goes for picking on squatters , he goes for picking on the defendants right to silence so that we can see more people like er , jailed when they were innocent .
7 Who said ‘ it 's completely absurd to suggest that there is anything unprofessional in my friendship with the Duchess .
8 It 's completely absurd to suggest that there is anything unprofessional in my friendship with the Duchess .
9 Er partly because it 's completely impractical to suggest that all patients should have an expensive er video flow study .
10 It 's er you know it 's completely okay to take and stop taking it , and you wo n't want to have to go on .
11 Without wanting to appear cynical , it 's pretty safe to say that in the run up to elections , one expects the odd vote-catching ruse from politicians .
12 None of the six we tested included an invoice for the sample , nor have any , at the time of writing , sent one on later so it 's pretty safe to assume that the trial was free .
13 That 's a good example of how much hearing Clarence White influenced me ; it 's pretty tough to do and it 's rough on the fingers , but you can do it if you keep working at it .
14 The Menuworks disk and manual from PC Dynamics , Inc. , retails at £44.95 , it 's incredibly simple to install and run , but in my opinion , you 'd be better off spending your money on upgrading to DOS 5.0 .
15 Erm it does n't give you a headache it helps to maybe cure a headache , and it 's just nice smelling and I think if you were just to even with your partners or with friends even just massage somebody 's hands or massage somebody 's feet if you do n't make them scream while you 're doing it .
16 Yeah it 's just nice to know if there is something wrong
17 I think it 's also easy to argue that if you take money out of government allocation for service delivery greater than the amount that is necessary , then actually , the people that are getting in in in the sense of capital schemes , the losers are the people that lose out on front line direct services .
18 It 's also easy to care for as it can be hand or machine washed at 40°C , though we do recommend that you iron it on the reverse side while still damp .
19 We can also recognise , as we did , at an , on an earlier paper that it is national government policy and increasingly so , to encourage the development of capital schemes , borrowing , we noted that in relation to transport and the availability of S C A's I think it 's also right to say that the government does set down the level of borrowing which can be entered into in in any one year , that is the credit approvals are controlled by the government and they do make them available to the County Council and to district Councils , so in a sense , the government is both saying that we expect borrowing to be a feature of a budget and also that we want to control , and restrict the amount of money that can be borrowed through the amount of credit approvals .
20 North Yorkshire offers excellent possibilities for challenging walking but it 's also good to know that there 's plenty to do close at hand when the weather turns moorland expeditions into exercises in masochism .
21 my Lord I think it 's also helpful to add that in the case erm , er your Lordship will find at er , maybe helpful if you could very briefly look at that judgment my Lord
22 As a historical footnote , it 's also interesting to observe that Novell went after Santa Cruz Operation Inc back in 1990 .
23 It 's also important to realise that air depleted of ozone can travel to other areas through wind currents and transfer the problem .
24 It 's also important to check that a trader who claims to belong to a trade association is in fact a member , and to check with the trade association that a code of practice offers what the trader says it does .
25 It 's also hard to believe that someone who would use a lap-top computer would forget where he left it . ’
26 erm I think it 's also true to say that if they came on Sunday and turned into the church hall for coffee and tea , they can smoke in there .
27 Being a water-based mousse , it 's ultra light to apply and blends in perfectly with your natural skin tone .
28 That 's what it is Martin , confirmation really of what er Mick said to you in that interview , Steve , Tommy two , three but playing at central defence , Dean 'll be the skipper playing in midfield , Michael at the heart of the defence , Phil in midfield , Paul wears seven but will play up front , er Mark at eight in midfield , wears nine , well that 's a bit of nonsense is n't i in terms of numbering , cos he 's gon na play at left back not at centre forward , Gary is ten , Tony eleven , then on the bench , really good to see David and Rod , Bob 's there as well along with er Paul and that 's er possibly a a first chance for the youngster there , and Michael who has been bloodied already but er a little bit of experience in and er the youngsters , and as I say again it 's really good to see and in the number and er I 'm still practising and I shall give you the Pisa team when you return to the er rather sodden Lane with the spectators all huddled towards the back of the stands to get er extra protection from the er rain that 's being swept a on to the stands and er has obliterated the markings on the pitch .
29 And it 's really good to know that there are so many applications in the , in the real world , medical and physical and , and otherwise .
30 It 's really hard to overcome that , to just shake it off and say , ‘ Oh well , they 're just dumb kids , maybe they 'll throw away their Skid Row records and listen to Mudhoney because of us … ’ but that story 's old .
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