Example sentences of "it is [adv] [verb] that they " in BNC.

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1 If the purchaser 's and the vendor 's accountants are to be involved , and it is strongly recommended that they are , it is imperative that they should be involved as early as possible in negotiating this part of the sale agreement .
2 It is generally thought that they were a new people only in name , and that they were made up of tribes such as the Amsivarii , Chattuarii and Chatti , who are mentioned in earlier sources , but rarely , if at all , in later ones .
3 It is eventually discovered that they are from the ageing Frenchman Bertrand .
4 Local farmers and regional government often hold large emergency stocks which are not counted , but it is nevertheless accepted that they represent a trend .
5 Several attempts , he wrote , had been made by " former prospectors " to sink upon this lode " but it is heavily watered that they could not go down more than 3 or 4 fathoms deep " .
6 It is widely thought that they are descended from genes , or groups of genes , of higher organisms , which have somehow escaped and set up life on their own .
7 It is well known that they always develop their more satisfying choreographic ideas when working with a group of dancers whose abilities they know .
8 It is also to agree that they could not be said to represent the mass of unskilled working people .
9 It is also said that they are able to exercise an element of independent supervision over inside management .
10 It is usually said that they are quite passive at this stage .
11 Because these three associated religions appear to have in common the belief in one transcendent personal creator , it is often assumed that they all believe in the same God .
12 It is often suggested that they are cheaper .
13 Because the eruptions burst from the viscous sub-layer , it is often suggested that they are produced by an instability there — particularly as some features of the motion in this region resemble features of transition to turbulence in a boundary layer ( for example , the development of fast- and slow-moving regions mentioned above resembles the development of three-dimensionality illustrated by Fig. 18.1 ) .
14 If it is always assumed that they are intellectually inferior , what else is there for them to do … every time teachers are constantly amazed by the fact that in the first year they have at the moment there are two or three really bright West Indian boys , and it 's of constant amazement to people like Mr G … ‘ my goodness he 's bright where does he get it from ’ .
15 True-kin do not necessarily love one another , but it is always presumed that they are friends until they are shown to be enemies .
16 This is convenient because it is now recognised that they are such an important aspect of the transaction ; and pension under-funding or , in recent times more likely , over-funding , can involve such large amounts of money that the arrangements will generally be negotiated separately from the rest of the agreement by specialist pension lawyers from the parties ' solicitors and the parties ' respective actuaries .
17 Far dimmer and simpler than ours , but they certainly exist , and it is now recognised that they can and do suffer from stress .
18 This is why to account for their longevity it is now believed that they were a qualified kind of ectothermic homeotherm continually striving to become endothermic homeotherms .
19 It is now believed that they may have been written for a subscription concert series in 1788 — the ‘ Casino ’ series mentioned in a letter to Puchberg , which may have taken place in the autumn .
20 As well as being a threat to the ozone layer and human health , it is now thought that they are especially attracted to the wax coatings on conifer needles , reaching 100 times the concentration in the air .
21 While it is now thought that they are interested in offloading part or all of this holding , it seems that they are not prepared to sell for less than the purchasing price of £1.20 .
22 Hyenas have always been thought of as scavengers but it is now known that they are also vigorous nocturnal hunters .
23 This was a time of panic , in which one farmer alleged that a thousand of his sheep had been killed by these parrots ; but it is now known that they rarely kill sheep .
24 The Irish people are defined primarily by their allegiance to the present restricted or future enlarged republic , but it is popularly understood that they will normally have the further characteristics of Gaelic Irishness .
25 It is perhaps reassuring that they at least recognised utter nonsense when they wrote it , if disappointing that this was essentially a confession of failure by a Ministry whose central function had been to coordinate energy policy .
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