Example sentences of "it is [adv] [adv] [verb] [coord] " in BNC.

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1 No doubt this was the real point of the missive , but it is rather vaguely expressed and makes one wonder whether the author really had much idea what had happened .
2 It is not enough to visit or telephone the offices of the local authority , water authority and public utilities , to verify the availability of services .
3 PROVIDED ALWAYS and it is hereby expressly agreed and declared as follows :
4 It is generally well programmed and has some nice touches by way of opening graphics .
5 With this kind of exercise the most appropriate media can be picked out and the PR effort concentrated where it is both most needed and most appreciated .
6 However , if training is to contribute to this effective working , then it must be applied in the areas where it is most urgently required or where the benefit is greatest .
7 In non-religious circles , however , it is also widely practised and families who often observe little else of the religion frequently have their male children circumcised , again as part of a cultural inheritance and as a means ( usually undefined and inarticulated ) of self- and collective identification .
8 Here is music that is indefinably ridiculous , sentimental and full of stone age sexual politics , yet it is also deeply moving and irresistibly thrilling .
9 If it is already well dried and can be carted in a few days , this method involves less work than tripodding .
10 It is very well organised and books interviews for me .
11 On the eighth floor is the Fleur-de-Lys Grill Room , which is undoubtedly the finest place to eat in Madeira — it is very elegantly decorated and the food and service are superb .
12 It is very physically demanding and you know , you have to work hard to be good at it .
13 It is very simply made and no great shakes as a piece of cinema .
14 It is very much appreciated and gives us a competitive advantage .
15 It is usually heavily edited and in any case a camera does not " look " at a scene in the same way that the human eye does .
16 It is quite adequately furnished but I wish it to be in really bon ton .
17 And 44 percent of it is never even opened or read .
18 There is no mechanism to enforce user involvement and it is therefore often ignored or at best lip-service paid to it .
19 Surprisingly , perhaps , in an irreligious age , nearly a third of the highest prices were for works associated with the Bible , showing that , if the conclusion is not too naive , respect and affection for it is still deeply ingrained and that , at least in fine editions , it is still a best-seller .
20 But it does sound from what you 're telling us now that it is actually directly related and to recall my original question , was it related to programme to which I had the answer no , erm what you said .
21 It is then carefully washed and ironed .
22 Formerly HAS.7 XK940 with the Royal Navy , it is now privately owned and operated by Jim Wilkie , based at Blackpool .
23 In the case of a company you can alter its residence status simply by ensuring that it is now centrally managed and controlled outside the UK .
24 In non-literate society … the cultural tradition functions as a series of interlocking face-to-face conversations in which the very conditions of transmission operate to favour consistency between past and present , and to make criticism — the articulation of inconsistency — less likely to occur ; and if it does , the inconsistency makes a less permanent impact , and it is more easily adjusted or forgotten .
25 Beneath the wheelbarrow , for example , it is more openly exposed and is combined with the darker greens to show the barrow 's shadow falling on the grass .
26 The rail network supported by the PTE is smaller than in Manchester with 88 route miles ( 142 route km ) and 74 stations , but it is more intensively used and largely electrified .
27 According to the Dorset County Chronicle at that time : ‘ It is so well conducted and affords such excellent accommodation that there is every prospect of a successful season . ’
28 But apart from this small point , I do n't think that anyone could fault it as it is so cleverly constructed and presented .
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