Example sentences of "it would be for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 I do n't know whether it was because he realised how hard it 'd be for us to get enough for both of us , or whether he knew he was off his head and needed someone around who was n't , y'know what I mean , to look after the kids and sort things out , like .
2 It would be for them to decide what to do with our report .
3 The further west Allied aircraft could be stationed , the easier it would be for them to protect the sea lanes which were vulnerable to enemy air power based in Sicily and Crete .
4 And it struck Shiona , not for the first time , as she looked into those blue , accusing eyes , how easy it would be for her to clear her name .
5 " It 's just that it 's all very well to talk about his responsibility and all that — nobody thinks how awful it would be for me to go crawling to him wailing , I 'm in tro-uble ?
6 It was only after I had mentioned Miss Kenton that I suddenly realized how entirely inappropriate it would be for me to continue .
7 Think back to Jem Higgins and ask yourself of what use it would be for me to preach your message to him . ’
8 I thought what a good idea it would be for me to do the same and I kept this in mind .
9 Maman 's perception had probably told how impossible it would be for him to part with any of her things in his lifetime .
10 His words were enough to throw Lucy into a state of thoughtfulness , forcing her to become aware of how impossible it would be to drag this man within yards of his stepmother — and how futile it would be for herself to harbour any emotional feelings towards him .
11 ‘ How sad it would be for us to lose you to the sea , Señor Capitano . ’
12 I think it would be for us to talk together , the four of us for a start , and er , and bring proper proposals to future meetings would n't it ?
13 " Because I 've been thinking , " said Dottie , " what a good idea it would be for you to spend Christmas at my place . "
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