Example sentences of "it have [adv] [vb pp] [adv] from " in BNC.

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1 ‘ While the Chris Hani case did have a tremendous impact on South Africa it has not taken away from investigations into the murders of Julie and Elizabeth . ’
2 Keegan said : ‘ Obviously there may be some truth in it , but it has n't come out from this end .
3 It has also borrowed heavily from the experience of Afro-America 's shift into electoral politics — the black mayors ' movement and so on .
4 My first book was an experiment to see if I could write and it has just gone on from there . ’
5 It has already spread out from its core business , and is spreading wider still , from software into the information business itself .
6 Coxall and Robins ’ ( 1989 , p. 309 ) apology for a Conservative-dominated press , that ‘ it has never shied away from criticising the Conservative Party or a Conservative Government ’ , is misleading .
7 The laughter had been absent for a while , but it had not withdrawn far from him , the marks of its permanent habitation were still there .
8 Then , when the horse is brought out of the stable , instead of just walking quietly along ( which it would if it had just come in from the paddock ) , it is jumping out of its skin , ready to spook and shy at anything , nostrils dilated , eyes bulging , and tail hoisted high .
9 He knew that he 'd been close , but then somehow it had all slipped away from him ; when Alina had n't come out and the three of them had finally gone into the building , it was to find incomprehension from the woman who lived alone and an empty flat where she said she 'd gone for help .
10 It 's just gone on from there really !
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