Example sentences of "it and [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 As one of my comrades put it : " One bloke tried it and finished up in the Glasshouse .
2 When the Sergeant returned with steaming liquid in a tin container , Charles warmed his hands round it and gazed out across the flat expanse of his new command .
3 And the worst part was , everyone else seemed to understand it and strode out to the quay full of knowledgeable confidence .
4 I do not cast directly over the swim , but several yards beyond it and draw back to the swim before the bait can settle , covering all areas of the swim and many spots out of it .
5 and left it and walked off in the kitchen .
6 Eventually I left them to it and went off into the night , the bells keeping me company through the streets .
7 Sara left her to it and went out to the kitchen to begin the dinner .
8 His fingers were bloody and in his eyes there was such despair that I could not stand it and went out into the filthy courtyard ’ .
9 Dalgliesh left him to it and went out into the passage .
10 I pushed the black case deep into the hanging space again , stood up outside the door , closed it and went back to the scenes of jollity to the rear .
11 Garry answered it and came back into the kitchen with two policemen .
12 ‘ And I threw back the bedclothes before I had any more time to think about it and burst out of the bed ; threw myself into the middle of the bedroom , screaming and roaring and thrashing about . ’
13 Slightly overbend it and bend back to the correct angle
14 A good agency interviewer will look through it and pick up on the same gaps and discrepancies which will appear to the job interviewer but will not be looking with any one particular job in mind .
15 He dropped the diary into the drawer , closed it and fell back on the pillows .
16 It 's best with anything like that to dismiss it and get on with the game , ’ said Richardson , whose team were playing their opening tour match against an Australian Cricket Board XI in Perth today .
17 ‘ Up ’ ( and I think we 're talking more than the one level of ambiguity in that solitary two-letter word ) is a record that actually makes you feel happy , in that all of it is uplifting ( oi ! spiritually , not trouserly ) , you can dance to some of it and sing along to the rest , the words are rude and witty and always smart , and Richard Fairbrass is a fantastic pop singer , all post-Bowie and Ferry and languid , a sort of brightly-coloured Neil Tennant .
18 Laidlaw drove past it and pulled up at the end of the dirt road .
19 Just mention it and move on to the weather , football , the SDP and whether it will turn political , anything .
20 He was just getting out of the car and he could just get back in it and move out with the same expertise .
21 ‘ When the show started everybody jumped on it and picked up on the things that were n't working .
22 ‘ I used to walk past it and peep in through the windows and think how much I 'd love to live there , ’ she confesses .
23 I stand in front of it and look up at the lights .
24 There is a row of stout wooden rods supporting a handrail which runs along the edge of the gallery , allowing the adventurers to lean on it and look down into the Black Pit ( which they wo n't immediately be able to see , of course ) .
25 He leaned close to it and peered out into the night , trying to see what was out there …
26 On a nod from Richie , Patrick left them to it and moved over to the first tee .
27 I was bored stupid by it and moved on to the marketing department of an American conglomerate .
28 Er , most officers would have accepted it and moved on to the next subject .
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