Example sentences of "it be [adj] for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 They knew only , as they retraced their steps through the deep woodland of the park , that they could no longer be content at Racedown , even had it been possible for them to remain there .
2 If the obvious person to handle the case is busy will it be possible for them to delegate enough of the work for them to take it ?
3 " Would it be possible for me to meet them , monsieur ? "
4 would it be possible for me to pay my half of that and the s pay the other half because I 'm not i it it 's really started to worry me and concern me a lot
5 And er I always remember the lawyer who was acting on behalf of the union er said to these blacklegs , How would it be possible for you to see it though your window who was throwing the bricks seeing that the windows are so black and filthy you ca n't see the curtains that 's hanging up from the outside ?
6 Just to be really awkward , would it be possible for you to turn something up for us by 16 ( preferably 15 ) June ? !
7 ‘ No … no , I do n't want to buy them … it was just … that is , would it be possible for us to see them ? ’
8 ‘ Would it be possible for us to talk to the Prince ? ’
9 Would it be possible for us to send him a copy of 4 Gardens as a gesture of goodwill ?
10 If the bags are full of rotting food , or there is a smell or filth around the place , then more action may need to be taken , but the first priority is establishing what the person concerned feels , before asking ‘ Would it be helpful for someone to come in and give a hand with tidying up ? ’
11 I mean where would it be worthwhile for me to work ?
12 No longer would it be necessary for her to leave school early and find a job to help support the household .
13 The assessment by the police is to eliminate erm any officer that er has psychopathic tendencies or er on the other side of the coin , to eliminate those officers that erm might be so timid that they would n't be able to perform the duties should it be necessary for them to fire a weapon .
14 In what other circumstances would it be inconceivable for us to use nuclear weapons ?
15 In the light of the above problems of attitudinal and technical support in the environment where the most highly trained member of the health team is rejected by colleagues but appreciated very much by the community members ( Robertson , 1988 ) , would it be realistic for her/him to support and supervise another category of health worker based in the community ( VHW/TBA ) ?
16 The Soviets said to Greenspan , ‘ Look , you 're an expert in currency matters , and would n't it be interesting for us to chat about these things ? ’
17 And during the time where Attavan was getting a very bad press , I went back to the doctor and said , would it be advisable for me to change ?
18 Would it be advisable for him to get the higher one ?
19 They are not equipped to care much about the management of the individual firms they own , nor would it be sensible for them to do so : their benefits come from the market 's general performance , not from the particular .
20 Would it be sensible for us to agree that on Monday of next week , we finalise , authorise and reissue procedures , that we discuss whatever Simon 's put to us now , and give feed back so that you can actually take the final documents next week and that Rita and Stella you take
21 And if it were possible for you to decide that one of these options , one to eight , were to suit your regular and usual purposes at these meetings for general discussion then that obviously would be both a saving in erm time and labour and is one of the reasons why one installs computerized equipment so that you do n't er then have to do it all manually as well .
22 I wish it were possible for you to come away with me . ’
23 I felt the corporeal elephant on whose back my world was supported amble effortlessly along , rather that it being necessary for me to lean out from the howdah of my head and goad him .
24 ‘ Any more than it 's possible for me to work up at the college with all those strapping lads running round in jockey shorts and have no reaction whatsoever . ’
25 We have n't even got a system , as far as I understand it , that 's compatible , so that it 's possible for me to send my reading lists to , for instance , so they can be picked up by the library .
26 Can I ask , Mr Chairman , if it 's possible for us to have a copy of the reports ?
27 Nobody and I do n't ever think people will bring up somebody else 's the same as they would their selves , I , I do n't think it 's possible for anybody to do it , I mean look at Julia when she was a , that childminder with that Kerry
28 They said it 's illegal for anyone to go onto a British Rail line without permission .
29 It 's daft for you to get a stiff neck on the sofa when there 's room in my bed . ’
30 It does n't necessarily mean that they 're unscrupulous in the way that they get their own way ; they just have very clear ideas and it 's impossible for them to see it any other way . ’
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