Example sentences of "it be [adv] for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 It were enough for me to take back to our branch and say " it 's us against them " . "
2 What he said was , ‘ It 's not for me to say , Aggie , it 's for her .
3 It 's not for me to say , sir .
4 Whether or not Harry is the right man for you , it 's not for me to say .
5 well it 's not for me to say .
6 It 's not for me to approve or disapprove . ’
7 It 's not for me to come to you , it 's for you to get rid of it .
8 ‘ Well it 's not for me to advise you , of course … ’
9 It 's not for me to question orders , but I should have thought that running him to earth would be a simple police job . "
10 Anyway , look , it 's not for him to say that he 's gon na keep the trades council movement alive , the trades council movement can well look after itself , without the interference of the dead hand of the T U C.
11 I do n't make any apologies for that , and maybe it is going over the old ground , but unless we do it , unless we try to do it , if we 've done it the way before been and it has n't produced what we , what we want , then surely it 's not for us to sit back and say , ‘ Well , it 's been through that and it has n't worked ’ , surely we ought to try again , and that 's what I hope to be doing , sort of value your support and see you .
12 It 's not for us to decide necessarily that we will we will treat effluence to a certain standard and pass the costs on to you , because that 's where it all goes to .
13 The elders in the congregation will take careful note of what 's happening in the circuit with regards to these figures and the standard of er talks and so forth and the standard of teaching , well it 's not for us to quibble about it is it ?
14 Seems I was right all the same , and if Harry 's got money to spare as he does n't know what to do with , then it 's not for us to deny his right to spend it any whichaway he pleases .
15 It 's not for us to chase .
16 I mean , it 's not for us to look into , but ,
17 6 If you teach abroad , respect the customs and conventions of the country ; it 's not for you to shock or try to change their society .
18 And they say ‘ It 's not for you to think . ’
19 ‘ What a pity it 's not for you to guarantee !
20 It 's not for you to understand , ’ Nanny said , stifling a small hiccup .
21 Do n't worry if you ca n't do it if you ca n't any of these any of these exercises that I give you by the way it 's not like homework it 's just for you to play with them to get the do them at your own pace .
22 you know working type chairman or something , I do n't know , anyway it 's just for you to think about it
23 It could be an oversight , but it 's enough for me to put the law on his trail . ’
24 If , if you look in your books page one seven seven , you 'll see a beautifully illustrated instruction on how to do it , which you can refer to yourself this evening or later on in the course if you forget but I 'm now gon na show you how to do one as well , you , if you want to know it 's there for you to look up you take the bandage and fold it into your narrow fold band and put it round your leg , you 've got something to tie a reef knot round , okay ? if you know how to do a reef knot already fine , just do it , if you do n't , follow instructions .
25 Erm simply to remind you of the position of of Selby District in in that our interest in a new settlement emerged out of concern for the quality of life in existing villages in in Selby district , and concerns for the impact of future peripheral development in those villages , and not just peripheral development on the edge of York , although of course we acknowledge that as an important consideration and it is for that reason that we fully supported the County Council 's proposals in relation to greenbelt , erm you asked the question earlier in relation to the P P G advice and and the six criteria , erm in fact I 've already rehearsed that argument in my submission so I wo n't repeat it now , erm the fact that you chose to phrase the question that way I 'll take as a good omen as to the way I presented my submission , but it it it 's there for you to read again , the the the main point that I want to address is something that was raised by Mr Wincup yesterday , and that was the difference or not as between Selby district and Hambledon district , er M Mr Jewitt 's made reference earlier to his opposition to the new settlement , and in doing so he he he mentioned the settlement pattern in Hambledon district , he 'll correct me if I 'm wrong , but one of small dispersed villages , well in Selby district we do have villages of that nature , but the Northern part of of Selby district is significantly deferent to Hambledon , it 's characterized by much larger villages , and in fact the establishment of a new settlement would n't conflict with with the settlement pattern at all .
26 This is the world of self-effacing service in which the heroine moves with assurance : even if servitors are visible , it is not for her to notice them .
27 She still maintains it is not for her to disassociate herself from people over whom she has no control .
28 PAMELA : Pray , your honour , let me go down for it is not for me to hold an argument with your honour .
29 Thus , it is not for me to sit in judgement upon Daniel Miller .
30 As for service , it is not for me to give value to the two halves of my equation . ’
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