Example sentences of "it [vb mod] [adv] be [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Indeed it may even be argued that many more of Rolle 's English texts were written specifically for her .
2 It is not easy to see the future for the art of jewellery ; it may even be considered that as an art it has not a future .
3 It may easily be shown that the solutions of Khan and Penrose , and of Szekeres are included in this class .
4 It may easily be objected that if he had wished to avoid becoming archbishop he had simply to refuse .
5 It may also be argued that , provided a computer record is sympathetically laid out , it is more readable than many handwritten entries found in registers , where handwriting , variations in content and idiosyncrasies of style may conspire to confuse the reader .
6 It may also be argued that Roman military advances effectively changed the artistic map of Italy .
7 It may also be argued that , as this field is concerned with aspects of the student that are intimately connected with her personality , it would be unethical to attempt systematically to bring about changes .
8 It may also be argued that the user 's strategy adopted for subject searching is a response to the very design of the card dictionary catalogue .
9 It may also be argued that some limits to growth , which Hirsch ( 1977 ) called ‘ social limits ’ , are already operating .
10 It may also be argued that numbering an Information Memorandum shows an intent to control and restrict the circulation and therefore complies with Companies Act 's requirements for prospectuses and the provisions of the FSA .
11 It may also be argued that the negative correlation we have found between breath H 2 exretion and MCTT was due to the lactulose taken with the breakfast .
12 It may also be observed that , if , is monotonically increasing .
13 It may also be observed that , with the positive signs in ( 10.24 ) and ( 10.25 ) , f and g are increasing functions that are inconsistent with ( 7.13 ) .
14 It may also be observed that the transformation ( 12.1 ) can be used to obtain the soliton solution of Ferrari and Ibañez ( 1987 b ) described in Section 10.4 , using as seed the Khan Penrose solution .
15 It may also be observed that the functions f and g are given by and .
16 It may also be said that Caldwell is concerned with foresight of consequences , whereas Morgan is concerned with knowledge of circumstances .
17 In the case of some evangelical writers ( though not Barth ) it may also be said that male dominance is fundamental to creation and found in all known human societies .
18 Whilst it may be argued that this is merely an illustration of the duty owed under the OLA 1957 , it may also be said that this exists as a form of liability under the tort of negligence but outside the scope of the 1957 Act .
19 However , it may also be noticed that the coordinate which represents the axial coordinate in the Schwarzschild solution covers the entire range in this case .
20 It may also be noted that the Local Government Act 1986 specifically prohibits any council from spending money for party political purposes .
21 It may also be noted that if this method is employed then the first number chosen should be by random means rather than just ‘ saying a number between 1 and 10 ’ since it is well known that choices between these limits do not come out anything like randomly — the number 7 being particularly popular .
22 As in all other solutions , it may also be noted that there are non-scalar curvature singularities in the initial regions II and III on the hypersurfaces on which and respectively
23 It may also be noted that the solutions given in the notation of previous sections by ( 10.69 ) where c 1 and c 2 are given by ( 10.67 ) , similarly do not contain curvature singularities on the hypersurface provided the constants d i and a are constrained by ( 10.66 ) and ( 10.68 ) .
24 It may also be noted that the transformations for V in ( 12.1 ) and ( 12.2 ) may be restated in the form that , if a real Z is a solution of Ernst 's equation ( 11.18 ) , then ( 12.7 ) and ( 12.8 ) are also real solutions with arbitrary constants a and b , though as explained above , the possible values of b are constrained by the boundary conditions .
25 It may also be noted that last year the true blackthorn overlapped the Myrobalan in flowering season .
26 It may also be noted that indistinct analysis of needs will contribute to problems associated with evaluation .
27 It may also be noted that some US multinational companies attempted , quite unsuccessfully , to introduce into Japan ( and other Asian countries ) wage systems based on job evaluation and merit rating , as opposed to the more usual Japanese system of seniority and educational qualifications ( ILO , 1973 )
28 It may also be noted that there is a discrepancy between the statement and the evidence with regard to the December telephone call and incident ( d ) above .
29 In the body of the text , it may also be revealed that the person is in some position which may give opportunities for taking advantage of children , such as a registered foster-parent , a holiday-camp entertainer , a landlord who placed ads offering single mothers a home at his seaside lodging-house , a coach-driver who took a party of thirty-four primary school children .
30 Thus , if it is believed that the government is in fact the state , it may also be believed that the assumption of governmental power is equivalent to the acquisition of state power .
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