Example sentences of "it [modal v] be [prep] [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Actually , hard as it may be for you to believe , I did come for a reason . ’
2 ‘ Now it is a general rule , that no court of limited jurisdiction can give itself jurisdiction by a wrong decision on a point collateral to the merits of the case upon which the limit to its jurisdiction depends ; and however its decision may be final on all particulars , making up together that subject-matter which , if true , is within its jurisdiction , and , however necessary in many cases it may be for it to make a preliminary inquiry , whether some collateral matter be or be not within the limits , yet , upon this preliminary question , its decision must always be open to inquiry in the superior Court . ’
3 How terrible it must be for her to attend this service for Mrs Wright whose baby had survived and while the Padre was speaking the Collector accompanied his words with a silent , sympathetic prayer for Mrs Bennett : " O God , whose ways are hidden and thy works most wonderful , who makest nothing in vain , and lovest all that thou hast made , Comfort this thy servant whose heart is sore smitten and oppressed … " but the rest of the prayer was no longer in his mind , stolen no doubt by the foxes of despair that continued to raid his beliefs … in any case , it faded into a mournful reverie in which he sought an explanation for the death of Mrs Bennett 's child .
4 It must be for him to decide on the disposition of his force and the concentration of his resources on any particular crime or area .
5 It must be for him to decide on the disposition of his force and the concentration of his resources on any particular crime or area .
6 It is for the judge alone to determine facts upon which the admissibility of evidence depends and , similarly , it must be for him to satisfy himself as to matters involved in an application to stay because of abuse or , as the judge preferred , ‘ misuse ’ — of process .
7 If not it 'll be for me to tell her lovin' papa that his baby daughter is lost , and what 's the bettin' he 'll be over here on the fastest boat runnin' , to cut my throat for me if anything 's happened to her ? ’
8 I do n't know whether it was because he realised how hard it 'd be for us to get enough for both of us , or whether he knew he was off his head and needed someone around who was n't , y'know what I mean , to look after the kids and sort things out , like .
9 It would be for them to decide what to do with our report .
10 The further west Allied aircraft could be stationed , the easier it would be for them to protect the sea lanes which were vulnerable to enemy air power based in Sicily and Crete .
11 And it struck Shiona , not for the first time , as she looked into those blue , accusing eyes , how easy it would be for her to clear her name .
12 " It 's just that it 's all very well to talk about his responsibility and all that — nobody thinks how awful it would be for me to go crawling to him wailing , I 'm in tro-uble ?
13 It was only after I had mentioned Miss Kenton that I suddenly realized how entirely inappropriate it would be for me to continue .
14 Think back to Jem Higgins and ask yourself of what use it would be for me to preach your message to him . ’
15 I thought what a good idea it would be for me to do the same and I kept this in mind .
16 Maman 's perception had probably told how impossible it would be for him to part with any of her things in his lifetime .
17 His words were enough to throw Lucy into a state of thoughtfulness , forcing her to become aware of how impossible it would be to drag this man within yards of his stepmother — and how futile it would be for herself to harbour any emotional feelings towards him .
18 ‘ How sad it would be for us to lose you to the sea , Señor Capitano . ’
19 I think it would be for us to talk together , the four of us for a start , and er , and bring proper proposals to future meetings would n't it ?
20 " Because I 've been thinking , " said Dottie , " what a good idea it would be for you to spend Christmas at my place . "
21 It will be for him to decide , in the light of all the evidence , whether in respect of the relief claimed Hambros Jersey has a sufficient connection with England for it to be just for the English court to grant such relief .
22 Each case is different , and it will be for you to decide upon what action you should take to try to improve your parent 's situation in the light of your knowledge of her circumstances .
23 says can you tell me how much it will be for you to fit it ?
24 I have also purchased a monograph of Parrots from a Mr Lear — When you and I are old men — how pleasing it will be to us to look at these together to quiz them all , and pass our We to upon them !
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