Example sentences of "it [be] hold to [be] a " in BNC.

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1 In Low v. Kincardine Licensing Court , 1974 S.L.T. ( Sh.Ct. ) 54 , it was held to be a relevant ground of appeal that a rule of natural justice that no interested party should have an opportunity to confer with the licensing court outwith the presence of another party to the cause was broken .
2 1983 S.L.T. ( Sh.Ct. ) 95 , it was held to be a breach of natural justice , where a licensing board consulted with the director of environmental health at their deliberations , where he had put in a report objecting to the grant of a licence .
3 In Fagan ( see above and Chapter 4 ) , it was held to be a battery when the accused inadvertently applied force and wrongfully decided not to stop using it .
4 In this respect , a document purporting to be a sale of hire purchase agreements was construed by Eve J at first instance in Re George Inglefield [ 1933 ] Ch 1 , as a charge on book debts whereas , in the Court of Appeal ( at p27 ) , it was held to be a sale : " [ There is ] no reason whatever for attempting to drag the transaction within the operation of the section [ s 395 of the Companies Act 1985 ] by calling it something which in truth it is not . "
5 In Buckland v Palmer [ 1984 ] 1 WLR 1109 it was held to be an abuse of the process of the court for a plaintiff 's insurance company to start a second action for insured losses when the plaintiff had accepted a payment into court in his action for uninsured losses .
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