Example sentences of "it [be] hold to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Ahusquy is , in its minuscule way , a spa , because on the hillside above it , a healthy kilometre 's walk from the road and the small hotel , is a source you can drink from — it is held to be good for kidney and bladder sufferers .
2 It was held to be unambiguous and that , in the context , ‘ delivery ’ meant delivery of materials and not delivery of a completed operable system .
3 Similarly , it was held to be contrary to natural justice to confirm an order on facts which the individual had no opportunity to show to be erroneous .
4 In later proceedings for the continuation of the Mareva injunction , it was held to be regular and proper practice for a plaintiff to commence proceedings on the same cause of action in several jurisdictions in order to obtain Mareva or corresponding relief .
5 Thus , where landlords were entitled to determine a twenty-one year lease " at the expiration of fourteen years if they shall require the premises for the purposes of a business carried on by them " it was held to be sufficient for them to show that they would need at least part of the premises before the date on which the lease would otherwise have expired by effluxion of time ( Parkinson v Barclays Bank Ltd [ 1951 ] 1 KB 368 ) .
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