Example sentences of "it [be] a [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It 's a dream for me to be here making an album with them ’ she added as she arrived in the UK five months after her visit to record ‘ I Should Be So Lucky ’ .
2 Because it 's , it 's a service for everyone , as long as everybody gets the same
3 Oh it 's a present for you
4 When she brought it down the hospital she said here you are nan er mum she said , nan she said it 's a present for you she said , so we did laugh .
5 It 's a present for my mother .
6 Oh well , it 's a sport for him , yes .
7 And he 's a , he 's something framed up in the room there , I have n't it 's a certificate for something they 've got from school , and he 's that framed and up in his room .
8 It 's a chance for them to forget the washing up and their household chores , put their feet up and settle down for a comfortable snooze in front of their favourite television programme ( which really does n't sound much different from normal , does it ? )
9 We could say well there 's our it 's a half for you and a half for you and we cut the other one and they get a half each .
10 It 's a messenger for you , Major Karr , ’ she said , the use of Karr 's rank indicating to them all that the man was within hearing in the next room .
11 It 's a package for you . ’
12 what he has said is that he , it 's a matter for myself to talk to whoever I wish , and that he respects my judgement in these matters , er according to the joint statement issued Mr Reynolds briefed him on his discussions with me on that on that
13 It 's a matter for someone 's own conscience how they cope with illness , publicly or privately , but to say that in life Freddie did anything to publicise the agony of AIDS is bullshit .
14 At the end of the day it 's a matter for you .
15 It 's a matter for you as individuals is n't it if you witness something ?
16 We are concerned in fact that er the western nations did n't rather deplore earlier er Hussein 's actions against his own people using chemical weapons , and we think it 's a shame for us that we 've only come in at this point , and we must come in carefully I think .
17 Stuff like what you 're talking about , it 's a game for him .
18 It 's a bargain for you and a money spinner for the airline , which can take the lion 's share of the profits .
19 All six had conquered hardships of their own to help those in need and Celebrities Guild founder Ella Glazer said : ‘ They 're all remarkable people and it 's a pleasure for us to reward them for work which might otherwise go unmarked . ’
20 I 'm sure some of you last year or least last week or even last month , read about the black sack that had all the wonderful jewels in it that came into a charity shop and I think it 's a lesson for us all is n't it , not not to miss anything in a black sack , Jacqui .
21 It 's a job for you .
22 It 's a job for your father and brothers , Grace , not you !
23 Even so , it 's a start for me .
24 Well no , actually what she said , said something to me , I ca n't remember what he said now and I said oh I said it 's a start for you .
25 If I 've got to turn out drawers or turn out the airing cupboard or get the kitchen tidy , it 's a relaxation for me and I like it , or just going through some interior decoration books or moving the furniture round — I 'm a great mover of furniture .
26 Do you think it 's a front for something ?
27 It 's an honour for us to have it here in Gloucester .
28 It 's an inspiration for their creative talents .
29 you know , below the shadow of both the next two properties , we shall , we shall , you know , just have a brick wall , and if they they just shifted the garage to one end and as far as I 'm concerned it 's an excuse for them to put up the power , that is ,
30 It was so much the sort of remark one could only make to a girl friend , but Rupert took it very nicely and said with only slightly forced heartiness , ‘ Jolly good , and it 's an excuse for me to have a better meal than usual , too .
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