Example sentences of "it [be] [adj] [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Yes , yes , that 's right , they use , yeah , but I insisted that it were open doors for you as jobs were so hard to get , I said it were open doors for you and it did it helped them both .
2 Yes , yes , that 's right , they use , yeah , but I insisted that it were open doors for you as jobs were so hard to get , I said it were open doors for you and it did it helped them both .
3 Well I do n't remember it being any hassle for me .
4 Anyhow it 's four runs for who is now eight , and he 's made them both in four , but , his two fours , eight , when you get three fours , two fours I think and a three in his first innings of eleven .
5 No if it 's thirty seconds for you , it 's thirty seconds off somebody else colleague .
6 So it 's admirable evidence for what I call the minor claim of the punctuationalist school , of the empirical claim .
7 ‘ In my work it 's second nature for me to double check all factual research .
8 I think it 's fifty pounds for everything .
9 It 's great news for us but now we have to concentrate on the football and try to achieve a good result , ’ he said .
10 ‘ Well tonight it 's golden showers for you , young lady .
11 We had some very , very moving speeches yesterday , as we had had at previous meetings , which made it quite clear that a few pounds were vital and crucial to people 's lives , so we thought it was a a gesture that was worth making , and I have to say that probably our group also includes people on , as members , as Councillors , who are themselves on income support , so it was a move which was n't without it 's personal difficulties for us either .
12 Aye , well it 's it 's , I suppose it 's all money for him as well .
13 peopler want to see us getting sweaty and making mistakes , it 's good fun for them
14 Still , it 's good practice for what lies ahead , I suppose . ’
15 Now the thing that worries me is that the N R A and our linkage with them is I do n't think it 's early days for them and they have n't got the the power and the erm law behind them to enforce it as the way which I think most of us would like to think of have a erm erm an organization tha that can in fact start bringing the law in that if people fail to do what they say erm so that aspect I think I now Chris also mentioned this erm tilting in West Sussex and again that mentioned in the structure plan , because I six mill a year but in ten years that 's two and a half inches .
16 Before his £1.3m move from Notts County last season , Johnson was scoring at a rate of two goals every five matches but he claimed : ‘ It 's early days for me .
17 It 's early days for us , you and me , if you like .
18 Well that 's right , yes , and the other thing as well , I should n't really be telling you this , , because it 's bad news for us but , if you in fact write a long , rambling press release , what you will find is that the journalist will almost , almost certainly go three-quarters of the way down it to find the real story which is hidden in there , and occasionally that real story is purposely hidden down in there , and you know you look at any council minutes , and the real story is always , inevitably hidden down there , because it 's the bit that somebody does n't want people to know about , and so journalists are naturally trained to go down the bit to find out what 's it about .
19 If your name is pulled out of the hat on Friday , August 28 , it 's gay Paree for you and a partner .
20 Frequently venue staff try to set everything up before you arrive , on the basis that it worked for the people before you and it 's less effort for them .
21 You know , maybe I 'm not giving that much away , erm , it 's constant reinforcement for something that is important to me .
22 I have been preaching a few times and invitations are coming in , so it is good experience for me .
23 She feels it is good experience for her children too .
24 Fundamentally , the reason why it is good policy for us to try to explain biological phenomena in terms of gene advantage is that genes are replicators .
25 It is good advice for there is no substitute for the sort of general information that can be gathered in this way .
26 It is good news for our workforce , clients and sub-contractors . ’
27 It is good news for his firm , Chemical Discoveries ; ‘ But perhaps more importantly it will enhance our ambitions for innovating large-scale land reclamation projects to benefit underdeveloped countries .
28 ‘ Try to keep me away , ’ he had whispered , ‘ although it is exquisite torture for me these days , my dear McAllister , to have you so near , and be unable to stroke every bit of your delectable body .
29 Or let him acknowledge that while it is rational doubt for him as a liberal humanist to criticize the Buddhist , the Marxist or the Christian , it might equally be a rational doubt for the Marxist to criticize him as a humanist .
30 This is because it is second nature for them to pose their questions at the level of the individual organism .
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