Example sentences of "the number of [adj] [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 There are two key measures : ( 1 ) the incidence rate ( the number of new cases over a given period , usually a year ) and ( 2 ) the prevalence rate ( the number of cases/persons affected in the population at a particular moment in time ) .
2 The following table shows a surge in the number of female actuaries over the last decade an also demonstrates how male dominated we were 60 years ago .
3 The number of unissued shares over which options may be granted under the Executive Scheme on any date shall be limited so that :
4 The number of male suicides over the ten years was 2,073 — almost three times the total of females ( 682 ) .
5 Statistically this loss rate is low seen in the perspective of the number of flying Spitfires over this time span .
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