Example sentences of "of the [noun] of [noun] over " in BNC.

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1 The consequence of Oswiu 's decision at Whitby , therefore , was the destruction of the authority of Iona in Anglo-Saxon territory and the restoration of the authority of the archbishop of Canterbury over the northern Angles .
2 Thus , the maximum saving is 15% in respect of the portion of income over and above the aggregate of the 25% rate band ( currently £23,700 ) and allowance ( personal allowance , married couples allowance ) and interest charges and personal pension payments .
3 An estimate of the degree of acceleration over market conditions can be made only if the mean temperature in the market is known .
4 The two books taken together provide a fascinating portrait of the break-down of conventions over the century between their composition .
5 Miss Caroline Crawford , the authority 's spokesman , said : ‘ We can all sneer at people who are caught out by outrageous offers , but it is often a case of the triumph of hope over experience .
6 The survival of the Honours of Scotland over the centuries has depended on many loyal Scots , some known but just as many unknown .
7 The major portion of the consumption of energy over the past 100 years has been due to the industrialisation of what is now called the Developed World .
8 Those who tend to see the eighteenth century as above all " the Age of Wesley " usually bring a good deal of retrospectivity to their view of the rise of Methodism over a period at the end of which Methodists were still not especially numerous in the nation as a whole .
9 Because of the migration of mackerel over the notional dividing line between eastern and western zones , British fishermen had been faced with dwindling numbers of a healthy species .
10 This also vindicates the Kelsenian thesis of the primacy of the principle of delegation over the principle of subsumption .
11 All this has , of course , been made possible both by technological revolutions in transport and communication and by the lengthy period of free movements of the factors of production over a vast area of the globe which has developed since the second world war .
12 Law consulted Lansdowne on all matters of importance , kept him informed of the progress of negotiations over Ulster , but found him difficult to convince of the merits of compromise .
13 In accordance with certain theoretical considerations and after some empirical experimentation , Barro obtained the following fairly complex equation as his best estimate of the process determining the annual rate of growth of the quantity of money over the period 1941–73 : where is the rate of growth of the quantity of money predicted by the process shown in equation ( 6.7 ) to occur in period t , and is the actual rate of growth of the quantity of money in period t - i .
14 Hand studied 65 theses on entomology produced within the colleges of the University of London over a five year period .
15 The increased powers of the Secretary of State over a centrally directed system of curriculum and assessment and , indeed , over teachers ' conditions of service , make it ‘ safe ’ for the government to increase the managerial responsibilities of schools .
16 The excess of the cost of acquisition over the net assets attributed , so far as not previously written off , is written off to reserves .
17 Measured against ‘ a stagnant US economy , a not altogether successful satellite programme , and perennial crises in NATO ’ ( Zimmerman : 1969 , p. 179 ) , these developments created high expectations expressed at the November 1960 Conference of Eighty-One parties in the definitive formulation that ’ the superiority of the forces of socialism over those of imperialism … is becoming ever more marked in the world arena' ( Zimmerman : 1969 , p. 181 ) .
18 The idea of the continuity of sites over the generations is easier to accept for , if markers of some sort had been laid down , they might well have survived , even if their form had changed over time .
19 The early Church used it as a call to faithfulness and obedience in the interim before the Second Coming of Jesus and the establishing of the kingdom of Heaven over all the earth .
20 The line numbers given here give a better sense of the preponderance of dialogue over narrative in the Shipman 's Tale , a ratio of about 2:1 .
21 Using the work of social anthropologists and social psychologists to get closer to an understanding of the unique parts of Japanese culture , great play has been made of the primacy of group over individual interests .
22 Thus during a visit to Moscow by the Malaysian Prime Minister , Datuk Hussein Onn , in September 1979 Kosygin expressed support for the ZOPFAN resolution since its implementation ‘ would establish a precondition for the widening of the process of détente over all the Asian continent ’ .
23 Alternatively , for those who regard this definition as too restrictive — particularly in its implicit overtones of stability , regularity and mutual accommodation between the parties — the central core of the subject is the ‘ study of the process of control over work relations ’ ( Hyman , 1975 , p. 12 ) .
24 Decayed environments invite bulldozers and wholesale demolition — antithesis of the process of replacement over generations that gives so many townscapes in Britain their appeal .
25 The ending of the monopoly of solicitors over house sales conveyancing and of opticians over the sale of spectacles has already been noted .
26 Apart from its convenience as a legitimation of the rule of white over coloured , rich over poor , it is perhaps best explained as a mechanism by means of which a fundamentally inegalitarian society based upon a fundamentally egalitarian ideology rationalised its inequalities , and attempted to justify and defend those privileges which the democracy implicit in its institutions must inevitably challenge .
27 For however inaccurate the figures are , their inaccuracies can not have increased sufficiently to explain the sharply deteriorating trend of the balance of payments over the last few years .
28 Post-innovation performance of UK firms : an analysis of the distribution of benefits over the innovation cycle
29 The results of this process can be read in detail in catalogues raisonnés , which often give a blow-by-blow account of the arguments of scholars over the years .
30 As part of understanding any family system the organisation of the pattern of behaviour over time is very important ( Gorell Barnes , 1984 , p. 7 ) .
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