Example sentences of "the [noun sg] of [noun] then the " in BNC.

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1 If the Earth were to be moved today into the orbit of Venus then the ice caps would melt , the oceans would start to evaporate , the carbonate rocks would begin to yield up CO 2 , and various other surface reservoirs would begin to lose volatiles .
2 His Lordship added that where the presumptions created a result which was contrary to the intention of Parliament then the presumptions had to give way .
3 respectively , within this volume M is defined as the inverse of L. Then the tensors are defined as the weighted averages of the tensors of each phase r : thus where is the volume concentration of phase r ( that is ) and , by analogy with the isotropic case discussed earlier on p. 115 , are concentration factor tensors such that and where I is the unit tensor .
4 Thus , we find that if certain facts must exist before the exercise of judgment then the court will examine whether those facts exist , whether a decision was made upon a proper self direction as to those facts , and whether irrelevant facts were taken into account .
5 But if we asked about the history of the appearance of characters then the answer is ‘ yes ’ .
6 For example , on the Earth water in hydroxyl form occurs in clays , and if similar clays were exposed on the surface of Venus then the abundance of water in the atmosphere would be roughly that observed .
7 If the age of 65 + was adopted as the definition of geriatrics then the NHS should be renamed the National Geriatric Medicine Service .
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