Example sentences of "the [noun sg] of [noun] when the " in BNC.

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1 All too often the change of conditions when the sale is made and the fish is taken home , is all that is needed finally to send the unfortunate creature to that great big goldfish bowl in the sky .
2 It is difficult to assess market value particularly in relation to goodwill ; much time can be spent in arguing about the measure of damages when the parties ought to simply concentrate on establishing whether or not the breach occurred .
3 Okay , so he was a porter , low man in the hierarchy , but this was the kind of time when the barriers went down and he did n't have to wear a label .
4 There is a period each year before the onset of spring when the land breathes anticipation .
5 Formal objections are not invited at this consultation stage as a further period will be allowed for the submission of objections when the proposals are formally advertised .
6 And the notion of generalization decrement can also explain the effects of prior exposure to B alone if it is allowed that such training will make the B stimulus less effective and thus relatively unlikely to interfere with the perception of A when the two are presented in compound .
7 ‘ It is natural for men to tell tales , and I suppose the short story was created in the night of time when the hunter , to beguile the leisure of his fellows when they had eaten and drunk their fill , narrated by the cavern fire some fantastic incident he had hear of . ’
8 He spends six months each year in the U.S. but returns to Romania at the beginning of April when the operation is expected to be performed .
9 At the beginning of August when the heat , humidity and despair reached their zenith in the Residency , when all eyes searched the Collector 's face for the signs of collapse which they knew to be imminent , two babies were born .
10 On the evidence of opinion-swings when the bombing of Iraq began , this wo n't prevent the public from cheering lustily when Bush orders the bombers to take off .
11 French administration dies every year in the month of August when the civil servants go on holiday .
12 The establishment of the idea that the telling of the truth is thus subject to standards set by the use of a volume which is part history and part fiction , is almost tantamount to condoning the telling of untruths when the ritual is omitted , or at least making it much easier to justify such behaviour .
13 Of the various neutrophil functions — namely adherence , aggregation , orientation , locomotion , and chemotaxis — few are better defined and understood than the sequence of events when the neurtophil comes into contact with a chemoattractant .
14 When Simon pressed and won his claim for an assistant inspector to supervise the national vaccination scheme in 1871 , the current permanent secretary , Ralph Lingen , issued a general warning in the accompanying minute : ‘ I do not know who is to check the assertion of experts when the government has once undertaken a class of duties which none but such persons understand . ’
15 A spokesman said they had been overwhelmed by the number of applications when the new disability living benefit was announced and said it had taken longer than anticipated to sort out .
16 Mike Eveling , of the Inland Revenue , said : ‘ If we iron out problems now we will reduce our own workload by cutting the number of appeals when the values are announced . ’
17 The number of occasions when the Bank has had to intervene in the last 18 months to prop up sterling inside the ERM has been small .
18 I do not include in that 70 the number of occasions when the hon. Members for Brightside and for Dagenham have said contradictory things .
19 Further Sikh demands were met at the end of December when the Lok Sabha approved the repeal of a constitutional amendment adopted by the previous Lok Sabha in March 1988 [ see p. 36692 ] allowing the declaration of a state of emergency in Punjab .
20 Now then all we 're doing , what we should have done is that we should have had an opening balance at the beginni or the end of December when the di information was first struck .
21 All applications must be received by the end of May when the Committee reviews applications and selects the winners in each group .
22 STRANGE pupils were seen wandering about Newlands School , Middlesbrough , at the end of September when the school decided to raise money for ‘ Crisis in Africa ’ with an ‘ Own Clothes Day ’ .
23 This prompted a fruitless air search at the end of June when the yacht had not reached Tonga .
24 Cathery reflected all Wilson 's sentiments on the treatment of Germans when the war was over in an election address to the people of Bootle , where he was a parliamentary candidate .
25 With winding street hidden behind massive stone walls , the old town is a must to visit , particularly in the cool of evening when the traders in the street markets display their wares and the old shops open after the afternoon siesta to sell gold , silver , leather and furs at reasonable prices .
26 The satellites revealed a rather remarkable feature in the Antarctic sea ice in that there are persistent open water areas even in the middle of winter when the area should be frozen over , the atmosphere is cold enough to freeze the ocean and yet , in these areas , the ice does not form .
27 The degree of involvement varied greatly — from genuine joint consultation on all the farm business to the handling of emergencies when the husband was away .
28 This is the time of year when the end of last season 's growth slides imperceptibly into the beginning of the next 's , with more or less of a halt depending on the weather .
29 ‘ Though the agreement be void by the Statute of Frauds as to the duration of the lease , it must regulate the terms on which the tenancy subsists in other respects , as to the rent , the time of year when the tenant is to quit , etc .
30 ‘ But is n't this the time of year when the hay is almost finished .
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