Example sentences of "the [adj] number of [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 Of course , the increase in the total number of firms over the period was not one third , but two thirds — to nearly 3 million , or an average increase of almost 500 every working day .
2 the average number of customers over the week ( add each day 's total customers together , then divide that total by the number of days in the working week ) .
3 In addition , HARPY limited the average number of competitors over a stretch of speech and also constrained their identity , thereby ensuring that the items were easily discriminable as measured by their acoustic match scores .
4 Take the 7th root of the average number of paths through our mid class utterances in order to estimate the average number of words over each region of the intended word :
5 Issued in part as a response to the growing number of appeals over controversial retail , industrial and other developments in sensitive areas .
6 The maximum number of years over which a mortgage can be taken .
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