Example sentences of "can [be] [vb pp] to be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 A great deal of care in both societies , however , can be seen to be effective , and a good deal more can not be evaluated at all .
2 Thus the difference in the polarization of the approaching waves in this situation can be seen to be equivalent to the rotational parameter in the Kerr solution .
3 Making use of equations ( 8.36 ) and ( 8.37 ) , the simplifying condition on can be seen to be equivalent to which in practice simply means that the coil providing impedance must have a high Q-factor .
4 The degree to which the ESSE/L Project can be seen to be radical either as an initiative , or in its actual impact in schools , depends on how close it comes to one or other of these doctrines .
5 Moreover , the ideological shifts that did occur can be seen to be consistent outgrowths of earlier party positions ; they did not represent , as contemporary propagandists liked to suggest , an abandonment of previous principles .
6 The logic factor can be seen to be bimodal in this part of its range .
7 It is here that theorisations which see the nuclear family as a means for controlling the working class in the ‘ interests of capitalism ’ can be seen to be inadequate .
8 This can be seen by computing the scalar invariant given here by ( 9.22 ) Using ( 9.6 ) and ( 9.13 ) , I can be seen to be unbounded when for all values of k 1 and k 2 in the required range ( 9.9 ) .
9 The barbs can be seen to be separate branches lined with polyps .
10 For example , successive homeobox genes can be seen to be active , the further away from the polarizing region the cell is .
11 In this context , management development can be seen to be any learning experience undergone by those holding managerial roles in an organisation .
12 Though the panther 's coat looks totally black , in certain lights it can be seen to be patterned with even darker spots .
13 Both can be seen to be intermediate in form between their humbler , undeveloped counterparts , and those sites characterized by a more complex irregular network of streets behind the frontages .
14 Creativity can be seen to be complementary , rather than opposed , to conventional engineering , which must be present at an adequate level to permit a high quality solution .
15 The sources of pottery found on a Roman site in London in the 3rd century can be seen to be widespread .
16 At first this might sound a little too simple — or a clever exit from responsibility — but if thought about can be seen to be true .
17 Thus while generally speaking all terms listed can be presumed to be unfair , this presumption may be contested by a seller who uses this type of term in specific situations .
18 Thus some ‘ truth ’ can be created , and rank equal in human esteem with truth which can be observed to be such , or proved in some other way .
19 Water meters can be argued to be fair .
20 We can therefore approximate the IRR for Project A as follows : By similar analysis the IRR for Project B can be calculated to be 20.5 per cent .
21 For it is being questioned whether a symbol which would appear to be necessarily male can be said to be inclusive of all humanity .
22 Bukharin 's own theory of capitalist crisis can be said to be one of disproportionality .
23 Those who win regularly on significant issues can be said to be powerful .
24 It believes that everything in the world is related to everything else in such an intimate way that only the whole is , can be said to be real , and only by seeing everything in its associated network of the whole to which it belongs , of the complete whole to which it belongs , can it be understood .
25 Yet , as Mary Ainsworth ( 1969 ) points out in relation to the concept of attachment between mother and child ( monkeys included ) , a mental or physiological condition can be said to be present even when it is not visible in behaviour .
26 God is present throughout reality in the sense in which a person can be said to be present throughout his or her body .
27 As we noted , anaphora concerns the use of ( usually ) a pronoun to refer to the same referent as some prior term , as in : ( 90 ) Harry 's a sweetheart ; he 's so considerate where Harry and he can be said to be co-referential , i.e. pick out the same referent .
28 Two is that there , in some sense , some perhaps rather extended and difficult sense , this totality of everything which we have to take by storm directly if any detail of the world is every to be understood , can be said to be mental .
29 If all these separate grams occur then the candidate string can be said to be allowable .
30 Two are highly valued , namely lidya ( shy , timid , ashamed ) and höntugen ( frightened , fearful ) , and can be said to be integral aspects of the Chewong person ( Howell 1988 ) .
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