Example sentences of "will [be] [vb pp] to be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The sample will not be random , but will be selected to be representative of children in special schools for EBD in terms of social , gender distribution and behaviour problems described by teachers at the time of referral .
2 Hence it is important for the legislation to spell out the situations and conduct that will be presumed to be anticompetitive , and to provide for the competition policy institution to publish guidelines as to how it proposes to apply the legislation .
3 All children under 14 will be presumed to be competent wit nesses .
4 Erm the demonstration effect of failure should also be considered , that is if you fail once you 've undertaken an enterprise , this will affect your other policy objectives too , that is er you will be seen to be weak , your commitment to intervene on behalf of other allies might be seen to be , to have weakened er and , and generally you , you might have done your , your overall foreign policy stance er some , some considerable damage .
5 Of course , no matter how explicit these conventional procedures are or how scrupulously they are used , some cases will arise , as the sample cases showed , when the instructions will be seen to be unclear or incomplete .
6 The bishops will betray that which is entrusted to them ; and the irresponsible silliness of the Synod will be seen to be sinful .
7 We must recognise that it will have to be the consumer who pays , and it is up to animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA to ensure that the increased price for food will be seen to be acceptable because of an improvement both in animal welfare and environmental protection .
8 There is , however , no firm basis for such confidence and , as will be seen to be significant in relation to notions of parliamentary sovereignty , it is by no means universally accepted that it is only the characteristics of the Parliament of England which survived these constitutional upheavals .
9 ( 12 ) The scheme will be expressed to be conditional on the usual conditions ( see paras 11.3.2 and 11.3.3 below ) appropriately modified including inter alia the passing of any necessary resolutions by the bidder .
10 When a sender judges her receiver 's schema to correspond to a significant degree with her own , she need only mention features which are not contained in it ( the time of getting up and what she had for breakfast , for example ) ; other features ( like getting out of bed and getting dressed ) will be assumed to be present by default , unless we are told otherwise .
11 Solaris 1.1 and 2.1 will be ported to be embedded architecture along with real-time operating systems .
12 We shall say that the word form cousin is general with respect to the distinction ‘ male cousin ’ / ’ female cousin ’ ; bank , on the other hand , will be said to be ambiguous with respect to the sense distinction ‘ financial institution ’ / ’ side of river ’ .
13 In organizations and government departments who regularly advertise , someone will be appointed to be responsible for the advertising .
14 A ‘ hard case ’ — and I am not disputing that for the Bland parents it is indeed a very hard case — has been found which can , and I believe will , be skilfully exploited to justify the ‘ dignified ’ removal of a subtly-expanding range of people who will be deemed to be living lives which are below some ‘ expert 's ’ criterion of an acceptable standard .
15 In many cases , freelance staff , hired to perform a particular task such as writing or modifying a specific computer program , will be deemed to be self-employed .
16 In the event of a change in the standard terms applying to the Insurers ' usual forms of Household Buildings insurances the Society will be notified and this notice will be deemed to be sufficient notification in respect of all such policies as may be subject to this Agreement .
17 No ; control for a prior variable ( size of the fire ) and the relationship will be shown to be negative .
18 If the fact that the label is encoded there helps in the interpretation of a pronoun referring to that object , the other half of Sag & Hankamer 's hypothesis — that deep anaphors are interpreted with respect to only a mental model — will be shown to be false .
19 The only Scottish parliament which will be guaranteed to be able to bring water services back into public ownership is an independent one .
20 As a returner , these are the skills in which you will be expected to be competent before being allowed to return to practice .
21 These will be called Scottish Vocational Qualifications ( SVQs ) , will encompass the competences identified by Industry Lead Bodies and will be designed to be compatible with NVQs awarded in the rest of the UK .
22 And they have requested that one of their representatives will be allowed to be present in order to put their case .
23 In considering whether at this stage it is possible to say that the answer to this question must be ‘ nothing ’ I must assume that the third defendant will be found guilty of conspiracy or fraud as alleged by the plaintiffs and also that the third party will be found to be negligent as regards the plaintiffs in the respects mentioned in the third party notice .
24 It seems probable that many of the models outlined above will be found to be applicable to at least some passive margins , but much work remains to be done in this field .
25 It is highly unlikely that semiconductor designs will be considered to be artistic works .
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